Although solar technologies to harness energy from the sun to generate power were first developed in the 1860s, it wasn'’t until more than 100 years later in the 1980s that commercial solar power started to emerge. As more concerns were raised about the impact of generating electricity from coal, and more consumers wanted energy that didn’'t have an environmental impact, the industry grew.

In 2005, ET Solar was formed in China with the goal of providing smart solar energy to consumers. In 2008, the company formed a subsidiary based in Germany called ET Solutions AG, which aims to be the top choice as a solar energy turnkey solutions provider in Europe. CEO Linhui Sui of ET Solutions joined ET Solar in 2007, heading up the US branch of the company before coming to ET Solutions in 2010.

Linhui had an impressive background before moving to ET Solutions. He obtained a PhD in physics before working for NASA for seven years as a solar physicist, doing research for the organisation. "“I had been researching the Sun with NASA when an opportunity arose because I knew the founder of ET Solar. For me, I understand how electricity is generated but I also understand the physics side. It was an opportunity for me to transfer myself from being a pure physicist into the solar business. That’'s how I came from the research institute to entering the industry."”