With a strong background in logistics and management, Paulus Beurskens was appointed CEO of Endinet in 2010. The company had a strong history in the Netherlands but lost focus prior to its acquisition. “What we found was a company where there was no common goal, really low morale and no trust. Co-workers weren’t in a position or environment to claim responsibility and ownership. I told them that things were going to change and together we would turn Endinet into a great company again.

“I wanted to focus on the core of the business, put people in a position where they could do their jobs and take responsibility. They experienced a period where that just wasn’t the case. I promised them I would be transparent and consistent in word and action. That was the first step to create a great company again and to improve morale. As a CEO or manager, co-workers need to trust and believe you. Being transparent in what you’re doing tremendously helps this process.”

Paulus led a major transformation within the business that required the input of every staff member. “The basis of the success of Endinet lies in the fact that from day one we aligned the business goals with our leadership goals. We connected change with running the business. Development of the organisation and employees has not been seen as separate from running the business. Putting it in one line, I would say, ‘changing the business is running the business’. To successfully change as an organisation, the formal and informal leaders of the company should lead by example. This is the main reason we invested big in developing leadership skills within Endinet.