Specialising in solar, biogas, and geothermal energy sources, Fonroche Energie is a recognised and growing industry leader in the European market. It manages the entire energy value chain, from sourcing, design and manufacturing, to financing, installation, testing, operation and maintenance.

Thierry Carcel, CEO of Fonroche Energie, was appointed to the position to help make the business a major player in the French photovoltaic industry, as well as partner it with other organisations that want to commit to green energy. He has 20 years of management experience in the areas of auditing, finance, and industry.

“I studied finance and then worked with Ernst & Young for more than seven years,” Thierry recalls. “It was a fantastic experience because they did teach me a lot. After that, for three years, I was a banker in France. I did appreciate my time doing that because it was interesting but it was not my way. It was good because I learned a lot but it was not me.”

Following that Thierry worked for a tier-one supply company, which gave him the opportunity to work internationally in places such as Spain. “I think that the past has informed my leadership today,” Thierry says.