Many of us dread exercising regularly, and view it as more of a chore than a pleasure. What if it didn’t have to be that way? Finding motivation to exercise is possible, and you might even end up enjoying it.

Tip 1: Find something you love to do

Forcing yourself to that gym class you hate, or to go on those long runs you dread isn’t the answer. Instead, start participating more exercise that you enjoy. Whether it’s switching running for or spin class or choosing a boxing class over your weight session, find what works for you and start doing more of it.

Tip 2: Workout with friends who share similar goals

Finding workout buddies can truly increase your motivation to exercise. Working out with a friend who shares similar goals to you can allow you to keep each other accountable and focused.

Set some goals for each other and create a regular schedule that you both agree to stick to. Not only will you be held accountable, you’ll also make exercising social and fun.

Tip 3: Focus on how you will feel after the workout

Motivation comes from a strong vision to change. It’s important to focus on the transformation you are looking for. Are you exercising to lose weight, boost productivity, or reduce stress? Get clear on what you want to achieve and picture yourself achieving those goals while you workout.

Tip 4: Create a schedule

Finding an exercise routine that suits your lifestyle is key to staying motivated. You want exercise to be an enjoyable part of your life rather than a chore that has to be done. Take a look at your weekly schedule and find key times where exercise would fit in nicely. If you’re a morning person, you might like to workout before work, but if you’re more energised in the evening, try an after work session. Alternately, schedule your workout for during your lunch break for a productive afternoon.

Tip 5: Set yourself up for success

Many people start a new exercise routine and quickly give up, falling back into bad habits. To ensure you maintain your motivation, it’s important to set yourself up for success. Some great ways to do this include keeping a record of your health through journaling—track your measurements, energy, and mood and reflect regularly to see how far you’ve come. You can also ensure you’re setting achievable goals and creating an exercise routine that suits your lifestyle so you know you can stick to it.