Unlike our NZ neighbours, Australia is ranked as one of the world’s most stressed nations by OECD. In the context of the workplace, high levels of stress amongst employees can disrupt business flows.

Alternative therapies, also known as complementary therapies, are an excellent way to boost workplace productivity.

Both professionally and personally, busy executives benefit from alternative therapies—they are a holistic approach to enhancing work ethic amongst employees, and lifting overall business performance.

Alternative therapies lift business performance by providing a range of holistic, whole-body treatments for hardworking corporates. These therapies are tailored to suit individual needs. From a nourishing whole-food diet and herbal supplements, to restorative therapies like floatation therapy and massage, alternative therapies help to guard your team against stress.

Naturopathy is a hugely beneficial treatment that addresses the root causes of stress. Naturopathy has a nurturing, ‘whole-person’ approach to health and wellbeing, taking into account your dietary, nutritional, health, lifestyle and environmental factors. Qualified complementary health professionals, such as Naturopaths, tailor treatment plans to suit a person’s specific needs. This means that employees receive health expertise and guidance on a personal, one-to-one level.

Diet, being the cornerstone of wellness, is integral to naturopathy. Opting for organic whole-foods (foods in their natural state) instead of processed foods will improve concentration and reduce fatigue. Eliminating caffeine, alcohol and refined sugar—and replacing these with healthy fats, good protein, and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables—will nourish your body, boosting energy levels and motivation to achieve career goals.

Additionally, when your body is lacking in nutrients, specific supplements can kick-start your health and wellbeing. B vitamins, herbal tonics, magnesium and antioxidants like vitamin C will go a long way in enhancing employee engagement. These supplements guard against stress, boost energy levels and enhance engagement in the workplace.

Nutrients like B vitamins and the lesser known CoQ10 are all involved in creating energy in the body. B vitamins are derived from a wide variety of foods and your supply is greatly enhanced by opting for organic wholefoods. Although our bodies make CoQ10 naturally, this process declines with age, and supplements are sometimes required to boost CoQ10 levels.

Herbal tonics are also advantageous in boosting workplace productivity. Herbal tonics have been used to treat health concerns for millennia, from sore throats to stomach viruses. They are a fantastic way to restore energy, guard against stress, and even act as cognition-enhancing brain tonics.

Herbs like Siberian and Korean Ginseng are known as ‘adaptogens’, which as the name suggests, allow people to adapt to stressful situations, ensuring performance is at its best. ‘Nervines’ are another category of herbs that can help to boost productivity, and they work by calming and nourishing the nervous system, helping to maintain balance and focus at work.

When it comes to keeping stress at bay, nourishing adrenal glands with herbs such as liquorice root can help employees reach their maximum potential, as adrenal glands are responsible for how well someone copes with stress.

Chronic stress increases blood pressure and heart rate, obstructs digestion, and even instructs the body to put on weight. Naturopaths and herbalists can dispense tonics that target these concerns.

It is incredibly important for corporates to take ‘time out’ from work where possible. Rejuvenating treatments such as massage, yoga, acupuncture and floatation therapy provide much-needed respite for employees. These therapies are deeply relaxing experiences that help employees ‘zone out’ of frantic work mode and tune into a calming, meditative state. Choosing therapies that restore the mind, body and soul will do wonders for your workplace performance.

Alternative therapies such as naturopathy and herbal tonics, and the ultimate deep relaxation of floatation therapy, boost workplace performance in a number of ways. Through specific health guidance tailored to individual needs, alternative therapies equip executives and employees with the tools to enhance work ethic and guard against stress.