You might be thinking, ‘Here we go, another health nut,’ and I don’t blame you. In fact, you’re not wrong to think that. However, it wasn’t long ago that I too would snub my nose at health conscious people because I felt fit for the most part, and had no serious health issues.

It was in my university years when I was working in a local coffee-roasting house that became infatuated with coffee – the smell, the feeling, and the ritual. After two years of working there I had become a bit of a coffee connoisseur,  and until this day I still look forward to a good coffee. These days however, I limit my caffeine intake to the morning and have absolutely no more than two shots a day.

Three years ago, you would see me drinking up to six shots of coffee at all hours throughout the day. I thought it was the perfect pick-me-up, particularly if I was walking into a long and boring lecture. So when my now fellow business partner enthusiastically presented me with a capsule containing brown seaweed as an alternative to coffee, I was quick to turn my shoulder. There’s no doubt about it, slimy brown algae seaweed is highly unappealing, especially when it’s compared to a perfect cup of coffee. However, being the compelling businessman he is, but partner convinced me to try the seaweed by saying it would give me more energy, enhance my brain function and provide me with a wealth of vitamins and minerals to keep my body at a peak level of functioning. With much skepticism, I agreed to take the capsules for two weeks.

I only needed a few days before I was hooked.

At first I felt fatigued, drained and nauseous, however I was reassured that these feelings stemmed from the detoxifying effects of the brown algae, and that they would pass. When my body did readjust a few days later, I began to feel renewed and energetic. I began taking one capsule in the morning and one at lunch, and couldn’t believe how much better I felt. My energy levels were balanced all day, so I didn’t require the constant caffeine hits anymore. I still drink a coffee in the morning because I enjoy the taste and the coffee culture, but if I drink more than two cups a day now, I find that I’m over stimulated.

This drastic change begged the question – what is it in the brown seaweed that is giving me such vitality?

I’ve conducted my own research and have discovered that the nutrient density of the brown seaweed allows my body to have sustained nutrition for what is known as cellular energy.

Unlike caffeine stimulated adrenal energy, cellular energy doesn’t drain your hormones and throw them off balance. Instead, it nourishes them and keeps them in balance.

When your body is working at its peak, you can focus less on your next coffee break and more on improving your performance. Whilst it’s initially hard to step away from the coffee culture, investing in proper nutrition can enhance your productivity, performance and stamina, which is a lot more satisfying than a temporary coffee buzz.