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Looking for something more challenging than a marathon?

Here are three extreme sporting events that will put your physical and mental fitness to the test. Prepare to get a little muddy.

Most people are satisfied with gym workouts, a daily run, or weekly team sports. But there are those who hanker for something a little more… challenging than that. Enter extreme obstacle courses.

These 3 events pit the participants against a set of herculean tasks, putting their fitness and their wits to the test.

The first one’s in June so it’s time to start training. And be warned – there will be mud.


17–18 June, County Wicklow, Ireland

While this obstacle course is a gruelling test of endurance, the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel once you’ve crossed the finish line can’t be beaten. Choose from the 7km or 12km events over a variety of terrain from rivers to hills to swamps.

Watch out for the Shock of Horrors hurdle, which sees you crawl through a wall of dangling electrical wires.

Rugged Maniac

25 June, New York, US

More than an extreme obstacle course, participants in this 5km event also get to enjoy a bevy of entertainment after their race, which includes a mechanical bull and beach volleyball.

Rugged Maniac

There are seven new challenges to try in 2017, including The Crag, which sees contestants climb steep inflatable cliffs to squeeze through logs at the top.

Tough Mudder

28–29 October, Melbourne, Australia

You won’t be going it alone here because Tough Mudder is all about teamwork, and you’ll need all to make it through some of the trickier obstacles scattered across the course, like the aptly titled Kiss of Mud and the brutal Arctic Enema.

There are no winners, timers or medals, so you can complete the journey at your own pace and later enjoy a well-earned beer with your newfound mates.

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