If you’re ever lacking confidence, feel held back, or are paralysed by fear, the most helpful thing you can do is assess your mindset and trust your inner voice.

Step 1: Is your inner voice critical or positive?

Often we are not aware of the inner voice that chats away inside our head. Subconsciously this chatter can have a big impact on what we are able to achieve and overcome.

Often the inner voice we hear is filled with doubt and fear; it tells us that ‘we can’t do something’ or that ‘we aren’t good enough.’ Critical as that voice may sound, it is simply protecting us from the worst case scenario, which is often very far from reality.

The next time you hear that inner voice, check in and ask yourself whether it’s critical or positive. The more aware you are, the better equipped you will be at dealing with it.

Step 2: Consciously move into the positive

Tapping into your positive inner voice takes time and practice, but the more awareness you can bring, the easier it becomes. Every time you hear that critical inner voice, talk back to it in a way that reaffirms you. Let it know ‘I’ve got this’, ‘I can do this, and I will.’

Even this simple shift in mindset can create massive change, as it opens you up to the possibility of achieving.

Step 3: What we think, we become

Our body will do whatever our mind tells it to do. The power of positive thought is truly amazing.

If you already believe you cannot do something, then it will be nearly impossible to actually do it. Try switching the critical inner voice to a positive mentor and you’ll start noticing a huge difference.

Your thoughts and beliefs shape your views of the world, and eventually dictate the actions you take.

Remember you’ll find it easy to apply the correct mindset to things that are your strengths, but the challenge lies in applying a positive mindset to your weaknesses (and we all have them). A positive mindset is a powerful thing, and when coupled with a step by step plan of action, you can achieve anything!