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Simple ways to stay fit & healthy on the road as a CEO

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Travel fitness is part of your business strategy. Full stop.

My motto is you need to run your body like your business. Your wellbeing is just as important as your financial bottom line.

Whether you’re spending a week on the road in a variety of locations, away at a conference, or travelling interstate on business, there are always ways you can integrate fitness into your travel schedule.

This means building your wellbeing time into your daily agenda like you would any other meeting, and making sure it’s not location-dependent. It’s a mindset and a lifestyle not a chore. As a CEO or leader in life we need to regularly review strategies for work and life — the same goes for your personal health and wellbeing. What worked for you in your 20’s is probably not going to cut it now.

Use this moment to reset your perspective on what exercise can seamlessly integrate into your weekly routine and responsibilities. It may mean you need a new game plan.

5 steps to stay fit on the road

1.Take your gym with you

It’s actually easier than you may think to take your gym with you, by using body weight exercises and packing some basic lightweight items and a pair of running shoes. Stock up your mental hard drive with exercises you can do anywhere and download your favourite videos and fitness apps to your iPad so you have an additional library to keep you on track.

2. Back to basics

Create space in the mornings before you start your meetings by getting some fresh air: explore where you are on foot or by bike — simply swap your heels or dress shoes for trainers and get to know your new surroundings. Exploring the city before everything opens is the perfect way to get your bearings and clear your thoughts for the day ahead.

3. The 1% RULE never fails

When time is not on your side, there are still a number of short yet powerful workouts you can do with no gym required. I like to call these express sessions. 15 minutes is 1% of your day, so if you fit your wellbeing into your agenda for 15 minutes every day for 100 days you will be 100% better off.

4. Listen to your body

If you are tired, then listen to your body: rest, relax and eat healthily to recharge and rejuvenate. Don’t raid the mini bar for sugary snacks and drinks — instead watch what you fuel your body with. Pay attention to ensuring you have plenty of fresh food at all meals, and get your PA or Executive Assistant to plan ahead and ensure meeting catering is healthy, fresh, and supporting the wellbeing culture.

5. Get Creative:

Stop the old stories. You don’t need a gym or an hour — just make a plan based on the week ahead and the locations. For example:

  • 15 Minute Express Session: Quick walk or jog followed by a super set of 25 pushups, 25 crunches, 25 triceps dips and 25 prisoner squats. Finish with three yoga poses to stretch.
  • Skip your way fit: A skipping rope will roll up and fit in your shoe. Skip as a warm-up and cool down at different tempos, then add your core work and body weight exercises in between. You’ll be surprised how effective skipping is for agility and cardio condition.
  • Use the on-site gym or pool: Research where you are staying and find out what facilities they have, onsite. Pack your swim goggles and squeeze in a few laps between work activities.
  • Pack suspension straps: Take your gym with you with some suspension straps. I always take these on longer trips and it ensures I can train on the spot for just 15 minutes a day, or longer combined with cardio.
  • Use nature as your gym: Embrace your surroundings. Fresh air is essential for mental agility as well as physical wellbeing.

As you elevate your personal journey as a healthy CEO — remember it’s about balance and consistency. Focus on what you can add to your life rather than what you have to give up — integrating ultimate vitality in business and in life.


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