The benefits of regular exercise are well known: it improves health, helps prevent disease, improves your mood, and lifts your energy. It even helps you live longer—exercising as little as two to three hours a week increases your life expectancy by four years.

However, for those with short attention spans, going to the same gym every day for your exercise hit can get a little boring. To keep your fitness regime exciting, why not try one of these.

Go to a ‘breakfast rave’

Morning Gloryville isn’t your typical rave; you won’t find any alcohol or illicit substances here, just fun, family-friendly fitness that allows you to dance it out before work. A ‘sober love fest’, it started off in London’s trendy Shoreditch before spreading to 19 cities across the globe. Morning Gloryville is a breakfast rave with a focus on health; there are free massages, yoga, and even ravilates—Pilates set to rave music. They have a café selling superfood smoothies, protein balls, and free-trade coffee so you can get your morning caffeine hit before you hit the dance floor. Turn up from 6.30 am and get ready to dance the morning away to the disco house pop music.