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To be eligible for the Retail Executive of the Year award, applicants should:

  • Be able to demonstrate excellence in their role role within the retail industry (bricks-and-mortar retailers, and/or online merchants).

Retail Executive of the Year – Finalists


John Winning - headshot

John Winning


Winning Group

We focus on customer experience from the minute someone walks into one of our stores.


Kate Morris - Headshot

Kate Morris


Adore Beauty

Say yes to everything, and never accept “no” as the final answer.

Read more about Kate here.


Michael Ford - Headshot

Michael Ford


The Good Guys

Approach change with a simply philosophy — to succeed we must move together in concert.

Read more about Michael here.


Shelley Barrett - Headshot

Shelley Barrett



Be prepared for any situation! Remember the 4 R’s. Recognise the issue, reflect on the issue, be resilient and resolve the issue.