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Read the latest reviews from The CEO Magazine customers

We know there’s always more to learn, which is why we appreciate every piece of feedback we receive from advertisers and readers about their experience with The CEO Magazine. If you’d like to share your feedback with our team, please contact us.

  • “Brilliant articles, excellent journalism and incredible leaders profiled – teaching skills and sharing lessons that are vital for staying ahead. Through the journey, or roller-coaster, that business is, The CEO Magazine is a constant that provides excellent insights.”

    Mathew Jacobson, Founder and CEO, Ducere Global Business School

  • “There are very few good-quality business magazines. The CEO Magazine is in the vanguard of quality business journalism. My advice to my peers is to read The CEO Magazine, particularly if you’re an aspiring CEO or business leader.”

    Ric Navarro, Global Director, Marketing and Communications, Normal Disney and Young

  • The CEO Magazine helps us stay relevant by providing insight into the challenges leading CEOs face in business.”

    Rajan Kumar, Co-Founder and Managing Director, The Lumery

  • The CEO Magazine is a brilliant publication that allows me to keep a close eye on what is happening across all industries and business sectors. I have used The CEO Magazine stories to help craft my solutions to city problems.”

    Peter Auhl, CIO, City of Adelaide

  • “There are few media publications shining a spotlight on Australian businesses and The CEO Magazine does just that, with professionalism and strong acumen. The magazine supports and profiles business leaders across all industries so that we can continually learn, month by month, new and novel ways of how other CEOs become the best in their industries.”

    Dr Aniss Chami, CEO and Co-Founder, Vitex Pharmaceuticals

  • The CEO Magazine is my monthly executive bible. I feel as if I am hearing directly from my peers, my counterparts and mentors. Their voices inspire me, as much as I hope my voice inspires them.”

    Emma Hendry, CEO, Hendry Group

  • The CEO Magazine provides insight into how Australian businesses and CEOs overcome challenges and break new ground.”

    John Winning, CEO, Winning Group

  • The CEO Magazine provides important learnings from case studies of leaders in a similar position to mine. The articles are diverse and focus on a broad spectrum of challenges. What is also great to see is the move towards more global content.”

    Mark Nielsen, APAC CEO and Executive Director, Talent International

  • “I look forward to receiving The CEO Magazine each month and read it cover to cover. I find the articles continuously provide inspiration, and I particularly enjoy the business profiles that feature like-minded professionals who are taking their companies to the next level.”

    Kate Massey, CMO, JCurve Solutions

  • The CEO Magazine profiles some really great leaders doing very interesting things both here and overseas and, personally, I take a lot of inspiration from the women featured who are doing amazing things in their fields.”

    Kathryn Moir, Executive Assistant to the CEO, Australian Red Cross Blood Service

  • “When you want to be a good, successful, leading company, you need to listen to your customers and listen to what is happening in the market. The CEO Magazine keeps me up to date on trends and innovation, and provides inspiration and thought leadership on a wide range of important business challenges and topics. It is great to have a magazine that is focused on leadership and the challenges a CEO can face.”

    Ron Santiago, Managing Director, Europcar Australia and New Zealand

  • The CEO Magazine helps me stay relevant in business through the nature of the articles and topics it covers – whether it’s business trends, interviews with executives from various backgrounds, discussions on leadership, or articles on travel destinations, each article is well written and very different from the others in the publication. Ultimately, while all these topics are interesting, the greatest benefit for me is that they make me think. And as a leader, that is probably the best way to stay relevant.”

    Adam Campbell, CFO, Flight Centre Travel Group

  • The CEO Magazine is a great resource for me to keep up to date with trends both here and overseas. I enjoy the in-depth pieces on how to grow my business, sharing practical tips and strategies to help me be successful. Executive interviews also help me learn from the masters in their field. I like to hear from seasoned executives about their struggles and how they overcame them.”

    Andrew Thorn, Founder and CEO DigitalMaas

  • “I have subscribed to The CEO Magazine for a few years now and enjoy reading it every month. I get inspired by other leaders and love the thought-provoking articles the most; the ones that challenge conventional leadership paradigms and business ideas.”

    Anthony Mondello, CEO, Online Education

  • The CEO Magazine has excellent content covering a great mix of interests. I enjoy reading it rather than having it on a to-do list. I love the fact that it is available in print form and that it represents and reflects a global viewpoint.”

    Arabella Gibson, CEO, Gidget Foundation Australia

  • The CEO Magazine keeps leaders up to date with the latest innovation and thinking in business. It inspires us through narratives and powerful leadership examples to allow us to improve and strengthen ourselves and our businesses.”

    Dr Michelle Deaker, Founder and Managing Partner, OneVentures

  • The CEO Magazine helps me stay relevant by showcasing business leaders who are doing things differently and innovating across a broad array of sectors and industries. It also brings interviews with some of the world’s most famous leaders in business and politics.”

    Elizabeth Compton, CEO, LanguageLoop

  • The CEO Magazine is topical; it’s respected, and it’s visible. It collates the views and trends that matter in the world of commerce and business.”

    John O’Sullivan, Managing Director, Tourism Australia

  • “I look forward to each issue of The CEO Magazine and have done so for many years now. It gives me rich insight into Australian business and ensures that I am immersed in the thoughts and initiatives of this community. I always find very useful and motivating pieces in each edition.”

    Kathryn Marshall, CCO, Acquire BPO

  • The CEO Magazine is an informative and high-quality magazine, which highlights current issues and opportunities experienced by executives like me both locally and globally.”

    Magdalena Kosior-Molloy, CFO, Holman Webb Lawyers

  • “Successful leaders don’t delegate business intelligence, learning and listening – they do it themselves, and The CEO Magazine is one source I turn to, to broaden my horizons.”

    Mary-Lou O’Brien, Chief Digital Officer, Melbourne Girls Grammar School

  • The CEO Magazine provides exposure for businesses and their leaders that don’t naturally draw unsolicited media attention or have resourcing to drive significant campaigns. For executives accessing the publication, it helps you understand what other organisations and their leaders are doing to innovate, drive competitive advantage and build great Australian brands.”

    Matt Muscio, CEO and Managing Director, LifeHealthcare

  • The CEO Magazine is a mentor. It teaches me to embrace disruption, be innovative and keep learning. It teaches me how to be a leader, how to influence, and how to improve productivity. It guides me in engagement, focus and current trends.”

    Megan Green, Executive Assistant to the CEO Perfection Farms and to the Joint Managing Director Victor Smorgon Group

  • “Reading about the way different leaders choose to lead, the way they set priorities and what matters to them, both personally and in a business sense, is interesting and inspiring. It challenges any preconceived ideas I may have about ‘best practice’ and it’s always reassuring to read that many leaders face the same challenges across different business sectors.”

    Rob Atkinson, CEO, ARN

  • “The CEO Magazine content creates awareness of what is happening in the world, not just in Australia. The learnings and inspiration of the featured CEOs is the key to always wanting to be the best and contributes a lot to the success of our charity.”

    Rochelle Courtenay, Founder and Managing Director, Share the Dignity

  • “The CEO Magazine is a source of motivation. The various articles that speak to strategies, ideas and economic trends create conversations between fellow entrepreneurs. It’s important to continuously be having these conversations as they bring about change. I might read an article in The CEO Magazine, then listen to one of my favourite podcasts, and then I have an aha moment of ‘I need to try this in my business’. As an entrepreneur, you want to be disrupting your industry and changing the status quo. Publications like The CEO Magazine are platforms that encourage and discuss the disrupters.”

    Sabri Suby, Founder and Head of Growth, KingKong

  • The CEO Magazine provides learnings and understandings of what makes people successful and provides insights into how we can apply some of those attributes in our professional and personal lives. It provides snapshots and case studies of individuals and businesses that are doing great things. It’s always uplifting to read of those successes and identify any little ‘gems’ that you can adapt to your own environment or life.”

    Steven Wright, CEO, BIG4 Holiday Parks of Australia

  • The CEO Magazine is a perfect medium to tell the Maserati story; the calibre of readership is ideal. I found the team both professional and a pleasure to deal with.

    Glen Sealey, COO, Maserati Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

  • The CEO Magazine is the perfect blend of business insights and lifestyle information that’s given me amazing insights into how CEOs think, feel and behave in corporate Australia. Pure gold!

    AJ Kulatunga, Social Business Specialist, BLKMGK Social

  • The CEO Magazine provided FPG with a wonderful opportunity to tell our story to a very select and influential group of business leaders, both in Australia and overseas. It was a pleasure to deal with the professional team at The CEO Magazine, who provided insight, experience and knowledge of how best to share the FPG journey. We are delighted with the result.

    Rob Clarke, Director, Fresh Produce Group (FPG)

  • From the outset, The CEO Magazine team were professional and thorough in their engagement to cover topics for executive discussion. I have long enjoyed reading the views and opinions of other executives across the country and was therefore happy to contribute to this publication.

    James Marshall, COO, Thorn Group Limited

  • A quick note to say congratulations on another fantastic edition of The CEO Magazine. We were pleased with the profile of our CEO, Georg Chmiel. It was well written and the pages well designed; most worthy of both the leader and the magazine in which it featured. We’ve received widespread positive feedback from the industry, so thanks again!

    Sarah Stewart, Head of Communications, LJ Hooker

  • It is flattering to be asked to participate in a profile but, having decided to participate, it is important for the finished item to get the balance right between the professional and personal aspects of a career as well as capturing the essence of the industry in question. I think The CEO Magazine achieved the balance very effectively, and also captured the energy and excitement of the Australian cruise industry’s remarkable story of growth in recent years and its economic contribution.

    Ann Sherry AO, Chair, Carnival Australia

  • I was very pleased to be able to share the story of Corporate Travel Management with The CEO Magazine and its readers, and I felt they did a fantastic job of relaying the journey of our company and also the essence of the corporate travel industry.

    Jamie Pherous, Managing Director, Corporate Travel Management

  • The spread looks terrific, thank you! You and your team have been easy to work with and approached each activity involved in putting together the piece, with professionalism and a clear vision of the end results. We look forward to working with you in the future.

    Kristy Sheppard, Head of Corporate Affairs, Mortgage Choice Limited

  • Thank you to The CEO Magazine for developing such a great article on our Managing Director Geoff Smith. It was fantastic to have the photographer come out and take some great shots to accompany the piece and the layout was put together nicely. The team were very professional and the whole process was well organised.

    Bree Hughes, Marketing Coordinator, SCT Logistics

  • I was extremely happy with the professionalism displayed by all involved in putting this article together and very happy with the final result. It was a pleasure being involved.

    Neil Meadows, Managing Director, IMX Resources

  • The CEO Magazine is clearly a superior quality publication that provides the reader with well-researched and written content that is both current and relevant. Inclusion in The CEO Magazine provides networking and exposure opportunities to an informed and enthusiastic audience for our products.

    Jed Elderkin, Managing Director, Emarine

  • The team from The CEO Magazine were very thorough in their approach. The interview was articulated very well, editorial staff were very responsive and even the photographer managed to get some good photos of me (I am very camera shy). Well done on a very thorough and well put-together article on myself and IBS.

    Mark Patman, CEO, International Bunker Supplies

  • The CEO Magazine shares our values of celebrating Australian business success and provided Momentum Energy with a great opportunity to be showcased among other great Australian brands. We have been pleased with the exposure Momentum Energy has gained through The CEO Magazine. We hope that the piece has also generated interest in our suppliers Bastion and Twenty20. The journalists that helped us share the Momentum Energy story were truly interested and took care in their research and interview with Nigel Clark.

    Natalie Davies, Marketing Manager, Momentum Energy

  • Thank you for the work you did putting together the feature article for The CEO Magazine. It’s been very well received by the tennis community.

    Steve Wood, CEO, Tennis Australia

  • On behalf of MYOB I’d like to share our delight with the fantastic executive interview with our CEO, Tim Reed. Your team did a wonderful job at capturing the essence of this company and of Tim as our committed CEO, through the storytelling, the imagery and the clean, colourful design of the feature. Congratulations on a high-quality magazine.

    Kristy Sheppard, PR Manager, MYOB

  • We are elated that we have been chosen to participate in the magazine this month, it’s a reputable magazine and we feel honoured.

    Felipe Gozon, CEO, GMA Network

  • My team and I feel so very proud to be shortlisted for the awards this year. As a winner last year, I can’t begin to write how important these awards are and what a difference it has made to the success of our company, hence why so many of us applied this year. Being awarded ‘CEO of the Year’ in Australia gave the company instant credibility with many partners overseas as we developed our expansion strategy. It aided with our bank negotiations and also gives confidence to overseas governments.

    Christine Holgate, former CEO, Blackmores