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Katherine Edgar

A sales leader and professional development specialist, Katherine Edgar is Founder of international sales transformation consultancy The Synergy Group.

Katherine Edgar

After recognising the growing need to reassess sales development strategies, Katherine Edgar founded The Synergy Group in 1998. At the time, sales training was focused upon a US-centric model that overlooked individual needs and industry requirements.

Katherine’s vision was to break down the perception that ‘one size fits all’ is the only way to deliver impactful change programs. She aimed to build a company that would ‘bring science to selling’ and give Australia’s corporate market an alternative and unique approach to leadership and sales capability development.

Katherine has been CEO of Synergy for 17 years, in which time the company has delivered highly-targeted programs to world-class organisations including Telstra, The Westpac Group, Virgin Australia, McAfee, CBA and BT to name a few. More than 100, 000 professionals across the globe have benefited from The Synergy Group’s sales assessment and development programs.

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