Who inspires you? Brolga (Chris Barns) from the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs. Legend!

Favourite app? Instagram

First proper job? Checkout cashier in London (in the days when tills had the halfpenny key!)

Favourite website? YouTube (for those 1970s disco dancing competitions!)

Best habit? Ludicrous impersonations (I come from a drama background).

Crime you’d commit if you could get away with it? Gate crashing Baz Luhrmann sets (can’t believe he shot The Great Gatsby without me).

Phrase you overuse? “Will there be chocolate?”

Superpower of choice? Being able to dive for hours without needing scuba gear (I’m a closet mermaid).

Signature dance move? The Lambada

Never fails to make you laugh? Ross Geller’s tipsy speech on ‘L.O.V.E.’ in Friends.