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Professor Michael Bernard

Professor Michael Bernard is an international leader in assessing and developing programs that strengthen the mindset needed for high performance at work.

Photo of Michael Bernard

Managing Director of The Bernard Group, Professor Michael E. Bernard, Ph.D. is an international leader in human performance. Michael has applied his High Performance Mindset at Work (HPMW) initiative in his work with corporations, not for profits and the public sector. He has been instrumental in improving productivity-profitability, leadership, work engagement, innovation and quality of work life within these organisations.

As a Professorial Fellow in Education at the University of Melbourne, and an Emeritus Professor at the California State University, Michael is at the forefront in creating state of the art learning programs for leaders, managers and employees that challenge traditional learning methods.

An author of more than 50 books on work performance, procrastination, resilience, parenting, achievement and rational emotive therapy, he consults with businesses, schools and government.

His program, You Can Do It! Education, which promotes student social-emotional well-being and achievement, has received acclaim from educational authorities and is used in 5,000+ schools across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, USA, Canada and Romania.

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