• Hannah Tattersall

    Sydney-based journalist Hannah Tattersall writes about business, arts, travel and lifestyle and has written for a number of publications including The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, InTheBlack and Qantas The Australian Way. The former Weekend Arts editor of The Australian Financial Review, Hannah has also worked for News Corp. and 21st Century Fox in New York where she lived for four years.

  • Vicky Katsabaris

    Vicky Katsabaris is a principal consultant and customer experience subject matter expert at Qualtrics.

  • Domini Stuart

    Domini Stuart is a Sydney-based freelance journalist, author and speaker. She writes on a range of topics including business and health for a number of national publications.

  • Matthew Katz

    Matthew Katz

    As the CEO and Founder of Verifi, Matthew Katz is committed to driving the vision and expansion of the company globally. Matthew has a track record as a successful entrepreneur and has founded and partnered in several other businesses and consulting firms prior to Verifi.

  • Jessica Mudditt

    Jessica Mudditt

    Jessica Mudditt is a freelance journalist in Sydney. Originally from Melbourne, she spent 10 years in London, Bangladesh, and Myanmar before returning to Australia in 2016.

  • Sharon Masige

    Sharon Masige

    Prior to The CEO Magazine Sharon worked as a journalist at Prime Creative Media, writing specifically for Australian Mining magazine and its online news website. She currently writes news articles and features on all things business.

  • Holly Johnson

    Holly Johnson

    Originally from the Gold Coast, Holly moved to Sydney to pursue a career in journalism. She worked across Signature Media’s five travel publications before joining The CEO Magazine, where she now delves into the world of leading business executives.

  • Daniel Herborn

    Daniel Herborn

    A staff writer at The CEO Magazine, Daniel covers leading figures in the world of executive management. He has previously worked as a lawyer, public servant and journalist. His work has appeared in The Guardian, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and many others.

  • Taryn Williams 

    Taryn Williams is the smart, vivacious and magnetically personable CEO & Founder of and WINK Models.