• Jasmin Singhbrar

    Jasmin Singh-Brar

    As The CEO Magazine’s Digital Content Producer, multiplatform journalist Jasmin Singh-Brar writes, produces and manages content across the brand’s digital platforms.

  • Jamie O’Rourke, national chairman, RSM Australia

    Jamie O’Rourke

    Jamie O’Rourke, national chairman, RSM Australia

  • Nina Hendy

    Nina Hendy is a business journalist and wordsmith, writing about businesses and for businesses. She writes mostly on small businesses, finance, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

  • Roderick Eime

    Roderick Eime

    Journalist Roderick Eime fell in love with motorcycles as a 10-year-old and now owns and rides a Harley-Davidson Sportster.

  • Monique Butterworth

    Monique Butterworth is a journalist and book publisher specialising in entertainment, celebrity, news and lifestyle.

  • Diana Palmer

    Diana Palmer

    Diana Palmer is the Executive Officer at IDEAS, an information provider for Australians with disability. Diana is responsible for driving the strategic direction of IDEAS, with a particular focus upon servicing regional and rural Australia.

  • Lisa Pagotto

    Lisa Pagotto

    With her mother finding out she was pregnant whilst travelling through Egypt, Lisa had caught the travel bug before she was even born. Lisa has lived and breathed the travel industry since 2003.

  • Christine Retschlag

    Christine Retschlag

    Christine Retschlag is an award-winning Australian travel writer who has worked in newspapers, magazines and online in Australia, Hong Kong, London and Singapore.

  • Vince Camera

    Vince Camera

    Vince Camera has over 30 years of experience as an exceptionally driven entrepreneur and businessman, and has learnt the value of creating synergy within each and every one of his enterprises.