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Pilz is a pioneer of safe automation headquartered in Ostfildern, Germany. The company creates safety worldwide for humans, machines and the environment with its complete…

Alex Mitcheson

As a British journalist who grew up in the north-east of England, Alex reveres his outdoor lifestyle on Queensland’s Gold Coast. He finds great interest…

Ronan O’Connell

Ronan O’Connell is an Australian travel journalist and photographer with 20 years’ experience. A regular contributor to National Geographic, he’s visited more than 60 countries…

Mike Rahamti

As the CEO of Plerion, Mike Rahamti steers organizations to prioritize and remediate the critical one percent of cloud security risks that matter most.

Shannon Molloy

Shannon Molloy is a journalist with more than 15 years’ experience working with some of Australia’s biggest media organizations.

Larry Heugh Robertson

Larry Robertson is a globally recognized leadership advisor and speaker. Through the twin lenses of clarity and humanity, Robertson’s focus lies in enabling true, effective…

Sophie Bretag

Sophie Bretag, HR Consultant and Kindness Expert, is the CEO and Founder of Metta Leaders. She combines her extensive experience as an executive HR and…

Julian Hayes II

Julian Hayes II is an Executive Health & Performance Advisor, author, host of the Executive Health and Life podcast, and the Founder of Executive Health.

Gary Smith

Gary Smith is the CEO of certified B Corp, BioPak, an award-winning, global leader in compostable single-use packaging that provides innovative, plant-based alternatives to foodservice…