• Kathy Skantzos

    With roots in Perth where she grew up and studied journalism, Kathy has a decade of experience in the industry. She left the west coast to live and work in Europe and the UK, returning to Australia to move to Sydney as a freelancer and is now a Managing Editor at The CEO Magazine.

  • Ashton Kobler

    Ashton Kobler

    Ashton is a Canadian journalist based in Sydney. She holds an MA International Journalism and worked as a freelance journalist in Paris before joining The CEO Magazine. She writes news and feature stories covering the diverse business environments across the globe for the magazine’s print and online editions.

  • Paul Smith

    Paul Smith is joint Managing Director at Citrus Group, a leading recruitment firm specialising in sourcing exceptional talent for contact centres.

  • Michelle O’Connor

    Michelle O’Connor is a career strategist and speaker, thought leader and influencer, and creator of The Career Decision Canvas. A former International head hunter, she lives in Ireland.

  • Katrina Lahood

    Katrina is The CEO Magazine’s Sub-Editor, and has experience in print and digital media, as well as advertising.

  • Annie Brown

    Annie Brown

    Annie is a journalist and digital editor with more than 10 years’ experience working for Australia’s top publications.

  • John Sullivan, CEO, Elabor8

    John Sullivan

    A leader, transformer, creator, and developer of diverse delivery teams, John has worked in IT for over 30 years. Over the last 12+ years, his focus has been on building new and transforming existing delivery teams to become ones that other organisations aspire to emulate.

  • Karen Halabi

    Karen Halabi

    A travel writer and editor for more than 20 years, Karen Halabi writes for Australian and international magazines and newspapers. She prefers to travel in style and is editor of

  • Finbarr Toesland

    Finbarr Toesland

    Finbarr Toesland is a London-based journalist who writes for NBC News, BBC, The European and contributes to special reports in The Times.