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Archives: authors

David Ritter

David Ritter is CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific. A frequent and highly regarded keynote speaker, Ritter uses his platform to take audiences on a journey…

Mads Lauritzen

Mads Lauritzen is the EY Parthenon Asia-Pacific Strategy and Transformation Leader. He specializes in enterprise-wide transformation and growth programs and has a deep understanding of…

Karen Stein

Karen Stein provides executive coaching within professional services, corporates and not-for-profit organizations.

Trey Taylor

Trey Taylor is a New York-based writer, pop culture obsessive and Senior Editorial Director at Day One Agency.

Martin G Moore

Martin G Moore is the author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book, No Bullsh!t Leadership, and host of the No Bullsh!t Leadership podcast.

Albert Myles

Albert Myles, a former professional basketball player, is an esteemed single family office Chief Health Officer and executive coach. He specializes in optimizing the health…

Leah Mether

Leah Mether is the author of Steer Through the Storm: How to Communicate and Lead Courageously Through Change and a communication specialist focused on making…

Monique Richardson

Monique Richardson is an author and customer service expert. She is a global speaker and trainer who is obsessed with transforming customer service cultures through…

Louisa Harris

Louisa Harris is Head of Sustainability & Systems Change at Brandpie, a business transformation consultancy. She also is a Sustainable Business Tutor at Cambridge Institute…