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Amanda Lacey

Highly focused on brand, communications and creating a holistic image, Amanda Lacey uses her skills to help organisations tell their story.

Amanda Cassar

Amanda Cassar

Amanda Cassar is the Advisor Director of Wealth Planning Partners, assisting her client’s Australia-wide with “The WPP Way” — helping them secure, build and succeed.

Alexandra Tselios

Alexandra Tselios

Alexandra Tselios is an entrepreneur and founder of digital opinion platform, The Big Smoke. She has a diverse background in corporate and creative fields.

Photo of Alec Gardner

Alec Gardner

Alec Gardner is responsible for the Teradata Advanced Analytics line of business in ANZ and heads an expert team of data scientists and business analysts.

Photo of Adam Game

Adam Game

A recognised leader in the ITS industry, Adam Game has been CEO of Intelematics since 2000 and was recently appointed President of Intelematics, North America.

Photo of Adam Danielli

Adam Danielli

With a background in architecture and a passion for health, Adam Danielli leads Divinita with a strong skillset in entrepreneurial business and team building.

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The Conversation

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