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Here’s your only chance to learn the secrets from the real ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’

Using his signature direct, humorous and passionate style of interaction with audiences, the real 'Wolf of Wall Street' will teach the principles of The Straight Line System to audiences looking to gain a superior sales edge.

Jordan Belfort

Not many can claim they were played by Leonardo DiCaprio in a Martin Scorsese film, but long before Jordan Belfort’s working life became a multi-award nominated Hollywood hit entitled The Wolf Of Wall Street, he was simply the kid from the Bronx who worked as a door-to-door salesman before breaking convention to become one of Wall Street’s most audacious and successful stockbrokers.

While his past trading practices made him infamous in corporate circles and modern filmmaking, it’s Belfort’s own lessons in business spanning more than two decades that is truly priceless – and Belfort will be bringing those exact life lessons to two intimate presentations in Australia this February.

Arriving in Sydney and Melbourne as a keynote speaker for this year’s PushPeak Summit, Jordan Belfort will be giving a limited audience of just 1,000 participants each city a chance to learn his most famous sales system – The Straight Line.

Belfort’s technique will enable you to empower any company or individual, to create wealth, abundance and entrepreneurial success without sacrificing integrity or ethics.

Using his signature direct, humorous and passionate style of interaction with audiences, Jordan will teach the principles of The Straight Line System while guiding you on how to use these powerful entrepreneurial growth tactics for your own goals and dreams.

The founder of PushPeak Summit, Sasha Karabut, will share the stage with Belfort and comes with his own entrepreneurial lessons and success tactics to share.

It took just three years for him to turn around a debt of $130,000 even though he was only qualified for manual labour work. He followed Jordan’s Straight Line System, implemented the right success habits and was making money fast as a property investor. Today he’s a consultant to some of Australia’s highest performing entrepreneurs.

The entire event aims to provide pragmatic advice alongside a combined wealth of knowledge in the sales arena. Audiences will leave knowing exactly how to implement successful behavioural patterns in all areas of their career and personal life.

Think of the event as an opportunity to learn in a boiler room, immersion-style environment. Here are some of the skills and strategies that audiences will learn.

  • How to approach high paying clients to sell your services to them
  • ​Exactly what to say when somebody asks… “So what do you do?” at a networking event
  • What you must do immediately if you’re looking to push into a new market
  • ​The secret to planning out your day, week and month to maximise the number of sales opportunities in your pipeline
  • ​​How to stop wasting time on stupid leads. You’ll never randomly call leads as they come in again. And you’ll turn the way you allocate your time on hot leads, new business development and existing customers on its head
  • ​​How to get appointments with your dream accounts. This technique pries open doors that have been jammed shut for years
  • ​Is cold call phone selling dead? The answer will surprise you – Jordan has a completely unique take on how to get in the front door, to which most sales experts are oblivious to
  • Brilliant sales scripts you can plug in to grow your business faster than you ever dreamed possible
  • ​​​The exact questions to ask to get respect fast
  • ​3 things you must establish within 4 seconds of a meeting or phone call. When you first approach someone, you can be anyone you want to be – but you only have 4 seconds to establish these 3 critical factors that could make or break a sale
  • ​Why you should never talk about your hobbies and interests on a sales call.
  • ​How to use ‘tone of voice’ to get an edge over 99% of your competition
  • ​Do you sell based on ‘features and benefits’? Almost every sales trainer teaches you this, but if you don’t understand these key psychological components beforehand, you’re literally walking into a booby trap with your eyes wide open
  • The exact questions to ask to identify what your prospects’ beliefs are. Nobody breaks this down. Nobody. Yet once you understand this eye-opening ‘box’ technique, you’ll literally eliminate all the false reasons not to buy
  • ​​The single best time to overcome objections. This is the complete opposite of what most salespeople do

The one-day summit will be held in Melbourne on Wednesday 19 February and Sydney on Thursday 20 February.

This may be your only chance to learn the sales secrets of someone who has seen it all, so secure your tickets now at PushPeak Summit.

Prices start from A$187 for a single ticket.

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