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Spare parts galore: Europart

With 300 stores in 28 countries, Europart is the only commercial vehicle parts dealer operating a Europe-wide network.


If there’s one thing worse than your vehicle breaking down, it’s enduring the wait for spare parts to get you back on the road.

For decades throughout Europe, however, that wait has been made easier
by Europart. With the promise to service its customers within 12 to 24 hours, the leading wholesaler provides accessories and spare parts
to commercial workshops and operators of trucks, trailers, vans and bus fleets.

Based in Hagen, Germany, with 300 stores in 28 countries, Europart is the only commercial vehicle parts dealer operating a Europe-wide network. The company has an impressive range of 500,000 parts including chassis, brake systems, compressed air products, engine parts and drive components.

Parts vary from leading brands, including Volvo, Scania, Daimler, MAN, DAF, IVECO and Renault, to serve hundreds of original equipment manufacturer workshops, to high-quality, non-branded products for independent organisations, authorised repairers and self-repair logistics companies.

Vehicle manufacturers, public companies and parcel services needing spare parts and accessories for vehicles of all classes are also valued clients.

Ensuring quality

Europart has its own range of 7,000 premium parts, encompassing consumables and workshop supplies, such as chemical products, oils and tools, to axles, brakes and electrical parts. All Europart branded products are tested in accordance with German quality guidelines through internal audits and external, independent organisations to provide suppliers with local certification.

An additional benefit for Europart clients are services to fit engines, vehicle components, lighting and electrical products, and the provision of workshop equipment including battery service, factory and storage facilities, brakes and axle servicing, lifting technology, bodywork and repair technology, air-conditioning technology, engine and gear servicing, testing and diagnosis technology, and tyre technology solutions.

Europart’s flexibility, energy and strong commitment to value has earned it an enviable reputation.

Spanning a rich history of 70 years and boasting long relationships of easy cooperation, Europart’s flexibility, energy and strong commitment to value has earned it an enviable reputation among not only
its business partners but its network of more than 1,700 employees.

The company started in 1948 as the family business West German Spring Central Wachenfeld & Co, specialising in the sale of automotive and car springs before expanding to include other commercial vehicle spare parts. It wasn’t long before it opened additional branches in Denmark and the UK.

In 1995, it introduced its own brand, and five years later was renamed Europart to broaden its appeal and reflect its commitment to service throughout Europe, particularly Denmark, Poland, Russia and Hungary. Branches were later opened in Dubai, Shanghai and India where it has developed strict quality control procedures in keeping with its high standards.

Europart is also the only forklift spare parts wholesaler in Turkey and, in recent months, additional Europart locations have opened in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Latvia.
In May last year, Alpha Private Equity acquired Europart from Triton and Paragon, emphasising its goal to further accelerate development and maintain long-term sustainable growth.

A strong focus on training

Training is a priority for Europart, and last year the Hagen headquarters brought together 50 trainees from all over Germany to provide specific programs in education, training and teambuilding, and to support every individual on a personal career path.


The training was a great opportunity to develop relationships and provide a foundation to work as a team across all Europart locations. The trainees were divided into different groups according to their apprenticeship year.

First-year apprentices focused on familiarising themselves with the head office and visiting the Volmarstein region and central warehouse in Werl, while special courses such as communication, office applications and presentation techniques were offered to second- and third-year apprentices.

Social commitment and personal development are an important part of the training, and last year Europart launched its inaugural Apprentice Charity Day.

More than 35 apprentices from head office and branches throughout Germany spent a day volunteering in schools, soup kitchens, hospitals, animal shelters and retirement homes.

The Director of Europart’s Human Resources International Karin Mehwald described the charity day as an opportunity for apprentices to become involved in projects outside their daily work.

“We place particular emphasis on a culture of openness, with individual appreciation and tolerance,” she said. “The charity project not only engages in all this, but also supports our apprentices in entrepreneurial thinking and prepares them for a successful career. This is of course a great asset for us as an international company.”

Europart also offers its clients throughout Europe training courses and qualifications. These are aimed at providing workshop staff the expertise to operate state-of-the-art equipment and keep up with the latest developments in the maintenance and repair of modern vehicles.

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