We all know that happy staff are productive staff. Unused annual leave can be a burden to your bottom line in more ways than one. Here are five reasons why you should encourage your staff to take their annual leave.

Avoid burnout

Burnt-out staff are the worst. Being surrounded by miserable, grumpy, unproductive staff who want to be anywhere but the office is not the type of environment you want to be harbouring.

We all know that when we have had a break – although for some of us the first few days can be a little challenging, wondering if our co-workers followed up on the account we were on the brink of securing – the stresses of everyday life are also left behind.

This is the same for your staff. They need time out to declutter their mind, re-evaluate what they want out of life and come back refreshed, refocused and re-energised. This is the type of positive energy you want in your office.

Get them excited

When most staff take annual leave, they have generally been plotting, planning and saving for some time. They have something to look forward to. They get excited and this excitement generates positive energy among the team.

Assuming they have had a great time when they are away, this positive energy will carry back into the office as they relive their adventures when sharing their stories.

It can help with their job

For my industry anyway, the more you travel, the more your first-hand product knowledge increases and the better you can convert that sale.

They are entitled to it

Sometimes staff are worried about taking leave because ‘we’re too busy right now’. Encouraging your staff to take leave is important for their wellbeing, and feeling the business cannot cope without them for a short period of time is not healthy.

Reinforce the positivity of taking leave. Sure, there may be certain times where you company has ‘blackout dates’ but make them known well in advance so your team can plan around these.

It is rewarding

Many people still live by the mantra ‘work to live’ so if their annual leave is their ‘living’, encourage it.

Some people work so damn hard to save up for something unique, luxurious and something they would not normally spend money on or do in their everyday life. They use their leave as a reward to themselves for working hard. Celebrate that break.

Your staff are the bloodline to your business. For the health and longevity of your business and their time with your company, it is vital to encourage them to take their annual leave.