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Quality and partnership: Viatris’ ingredients to building a healthier community

How humanitarianism can be manifested through quality assurance.

Anita Chan

The light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to gleam as the global pandemic situation continues to improve. Thanks to the very careful formulation, development, and rollout of vaccines as well as the yet to be further developed oral medications to cure and manage different disease states. But regardless of the malady, any minor misstep in medical management may cause drastic effects not only to one’s well-being but also to the entire humanity. Hence, it is imperative to be meticulous in every single detail concerning the choices and production of the therapeutics accessible to the public.

Quality is our top priority

“The ultimate goal is to provide high quality healthcare products and services to our community,” Anita Chan, General Manager of Viatris Hong Kong and Macau emphasised as she excitedly shared how the one-year-old brand from the merger of Pfizer Upjohn and Mylan, has been setting its footprint in the healthcare industry.

To ensure the quality of their products, in line with their strict compliance to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), the company makes sure to acquire raw materials only from certified, qualified sources.

“We do quality assurance in each and every single step of the production process: from the procurement of raw materials, the heedful inspection and sanitation of our facilities, the cleaning of our manufacturing line, all the way to the tiniest details such as the selection of the packaging materials.”

“We do not simply produce healthcare pharmaceutical products; we do provide healthcare.”

Chan also stressed the importance of being thorough in terms of the storing and shipping of their products as it is vital to guarantee that they retain their quality from their manufacturing plants right down to their end users – patients.

“We cautiously monitor the temperature, humidity and other specifications of our warehouse facilities – we see to it that our logistics pass every single market legislative criterion,” she added.

“We do not simply produce healthcare pharmaceutical products; we do provide healthcare.”

Beyond the manufacturing and supply of medical products, Viatris extends its impact by providing healthcare support services to its stakeholders by delivering extensive and trustworthy information to them.

“We have a patient after-sales hotline that our users can directly get in touch with, and we address their concerns with the most precise details we can provide. We have a very trusted medical team that gives out the most updated, non-biased medical information to our healthcare professionals.”

Caring about our community

The company shares its ideology with its trusted seasoned partner, OT&P, a leading healthcare provider in Hong Kong. “Our common aspiration is to significantly contribute to the overall public health state of the community we belong to,” explains Chan.

She believes that an important factor for them to achieve that goal is to emphasise the treatment of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) that have long afflicted the community, particularly those who are in advanced years.

“We focus on treating NCDs such as high blood pressure, cancers, cardiovascular diseases, mental health and similar by allowing the patients to have an early awareness of their disease thus, early prevention, screening, practical treatment, and intervention will follow.”

The language we speak

As a newly formed company, Chan believes that Viatris still has room for improvement despite its already outstanding performance in the healthcare arena.

“We have a constant genuine and transparent interaction with our trusted partner, OT&P, on how we can both continuously be one step ahead in what we do, for us to provide the best care possible to our patients and our community.”

Chan believes that their teamwork and trustworthy relationship with OT&P, their painstaking comprehensive production process, and undying devotion to rendering quality products and services will bring about significant improvements to the overall public health, particularly in Hong Kong.

“We do care about our people. Our core mission is to empower people to live healthier at every stage of life.”

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