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One sentence life coaches tell themselves to stay happy for life

Life isn't about us. It's about the difference we make. The more difference you make, the greater you feel.

Anil Gupta How To Be Happy

The pursuit of happiness is an endless battle in today’s world. There are times where the struggle simply outweighs the personal sense of worth and accomplishment, but there’s a mental loophole to get around this type of thinking, reveals happiness coach and life expert, Anil Gupta.

Today he sits down with The CEO Magazine to explore the one sentence he tells himself that you can use to elevate your mental state into a place that you can always be proud of.

Gupta also speaks about how to successfully deal with what others think about you and why it is completely irrelevant to securing your own happiness for life.

The main point to take away from our final chat with Gupta is simple: “Life isn’t about us; it’s about the difference we make. The more difference you make the greater you feel.”

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