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Your guide to surviving quarantine without going crazy

An expert reveals the best ways to get through social isolation and work from home productively.

surviving coronavirus quarantine

The message around the world has been crystal clear – stay home. But how do you survive quarantine and stay productive if you’re working from home?

Platinum Professional Training Founder and CEO Coco Hou has revealed her secrets to making sure every day you work from home is a productive one.

“While some people are looking forward to it, many will find that working or studying online from home can be harder than it sounds,” Coco explains.

Being at the helm of one of Australia’s largest accounting training and internship providers, the team understands the benefits and perils of working remotely.

“Discipline and compliance are two keywords when it comes to working and studying online,” the executive says. “It can be difficult to stay focused and motivated when working or studying from home, particularly when you are surrounded by so many distractions and a lack of a workplace or classroom structure.”

With millions facing the prospect of working from home indefinitely, it is a situation that may appeal to some as others will be daunted by the reality of social isolation.

To make the most of your work days at home in quarantine, here are some of the best tips for a productive and healthy working day.

8 ways to be productive working from home

Stick to a routine

Start your day normally and follow your regular routine while you work from home.

“Get up and have breakfast and get dressed as you would as if you are actually leaving the house,” Coco suggests.

surviving coronavirus quarantine
Stay healthy while working from home to limit your risk of contracting the virus.

Stay healthy

Working from home may mean you are closer to the fridge, but it is important to limit snacks and maintain a healthy, nutritious diet.

Keeping your immunity strong is possibly more important now than ever to limit your risk of contracting coronavirus.

Keep moving

Whether you’re working or studying from home, you are less likely to get up and move around than if you were in your usual office space.

“Make sure you take breaks regularly,” Coco says. “Walk around the block, walk to the park and back, walk around the house, or do 15 minutes of floor exercises.

“Staying active is important as it keeps your blood moving, keeps you alert and helps you to avoid packing on the calories while you are in quarantine.”

Fill your diary

If you keep busy, you will stay engaged while working from home.

Be sure to pencil in meetings and catch-ups in your diary to ensure you stay alert and involved with your colleagues from afar.

Stay connected during quarantine

Maintaining a connection with those you work with is incredibly important during this social isolation period.

“Utilise tools to maintain communication with people,” Coco says. “These can include chat, email, Skype, phone or texting.

“Being at home can be lonely and isolating both physically and socially. Make an effort to stay in touch with people – it’s not only good for you, it’s good for them too.”

surviving coronavirus quarantine
Keep in touch with your coworkers and family members.

Pick the best place to be

Working from home means you will be in the same spot for most of your day, so make sure it’s a comfortable one.

To ensure productivity, make sure your space is quiet and has optimal amounts of fresh air and light.

“Make sure you have a comfortable chair, good desk height, and the things around you that you need to feel comfortable,” the executive shares.

Restrict social media use

With the freedom of working from home comes the distractions of online shopping, free browsing and social media use.

“Put limits on activity that is not directly related to your work or study,” Coco says. “Use your time wisely and don’t let the internet get the better of you.

“This is one of the hardest things to do while working or studying at home and it takes incredible discipline.”

Virtual happy hours

With many local venues completely off limits during this coronavirus lockdown period, catch up with friends or colleagues with a virtual happy hour.

“Keep up traditions through the use of technology,” Coco suggests. “Arrange a virtual happy hour and get everyone involved.

“It’s a great way to keep up morale and ensure everyone still feels like they are taking part in and enjoying normal activities.”

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