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The CEO Magazine’s new app will change the way you read

Our unique and immersive app is finally here.

The CEO Magazine app launch

Exclusive interviews with the world’s top leaders, behind-the-scenes looks at the latest luxury car launches from the likes of Maserati and Aston Martin, and inspiring business insights are now available with the swipe of your finger.

Once reserved for glossy magazine pages, The CEO Magazine has launched its new immersive app, bringing to life the stories that matter most to the corporate world.

By blending innovative technology with the beloved traditional print platform, it creates an experience superior to the average reading app.

The CEO Magazine Content Director Susan Armstrong believes the app elevates the reading experience to unparalleled heights.

“I’m excited to announce the launch of The CEO Magazine’s latest app that we’ve created to meet the ever-changing needs of our ever-growing audience,” Susan shares. “Just like our beautifully curated print product, but with a few more dynamic bells and whistles, the magazine app is yet another way that we can inspire the business world and serve our content with purpose.”

The state-of-the-art technology allows you to delve deep into the pages, sophistically transporting you to the world within each story – Bernard Arnault gives you a taste of French high fashion; Bugatti takes you on a journey through its mysterious history; and The Oberoi beach resort lets you experience its luxurious setting without leaving the comfort of your home.

“Just like our beautifully curated print product but with a few more dynamic bells and whistles.” – Susan Armstrong

Launching an app isn’t new, but the interactive digital editions on offer are. Moving imagery, videos, links and rub ’n’ reveal elements are just some of the extraordinary features complementing and enhancing the magazine’s already thought-provoking content.

Perfect for long-haul flights in a post-pandemic world or for remote travel, the digital format allows readers to bring along The CEO Magazine without sacrificing luggage space as it’s neatly tucked away on your phone or device.

Existing to create opportunities for everyone we touch, The CEO Magazine CEO David Jepson says he hopes the interactive platform will help shape the future of the media industry.

“We hope it will play a key role in achieving our mission of building a thriving global media brand that impacts and inspires the business world,” he says.

While the app amplifies the magazine experience, it also acts as an ideal marketing tool.

Traditional print platforms may offer pages of sleek photos, but the new app allows for immersive videos to be displayed across the digital platform resembling quality cinema magic.

“The app provides a great opportunity for advertisers to interact directly with their customers in a non-intrusive way as it brings the ads to life,” says Lachlann MacDonald, Global Sales and Marketing Director – Lifestyle and Luxury, The CEO Magazine. “Not only are we offering a highly valuable experience to our global database but to our loyal brand partners as well.”

But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself: The CEO Magazine app is available for free on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

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