In today’s fast-changing business landscape, it is critical for leaders to be flexible to ensure they don’t get left behind. Many in-tune leaders are aware of the ‘adapt or die’ theory, and while technology is important, so are the fundamental concepts of operational excellence, employee engagement and well-informed decision making.

The competing priorities of trying to bring out the best in employees, drive organisational success and keep up with the unprecedented changing technological environment that we now live in can spawn bewilderment and, in some cases, inertia.

When it comes to driving operational excellence, eliminating waste and improving customer engagement, companies would be wise to adopt an internal view with regards to the latest on-trend technologies, such as artificial intelligence. While any business can integrate AI technology, carving out that essential competitive edge to drive operational success also requires a focus on internal intelligence capabilities. From this perspective, implementing AI into your organisation can be achieved with a holistic approach that doesn’t always rely on the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Measuring real-time data for enhanced decision making

Here at Enlighten, we champion the importance of visible performance metrics to assist business leaders make well-informed decisions in real time, with the help of in-built AI features in our operational excellence platform.

Creating visibility around workflows and practices is a highly effective strategy for finding and improving efficiencies and, in the process, operational excellence. The visibility of operations can help leaders address key performance metrics such as: where is there waste and downtime? Where are the inefficiencies, bottlenecks and inaccuracies in the workflow?

Targeted, AI-enabled software can provide business leaders with visual metrics to create real-time data visualisation. The right data-driven technology can provide managers with a number of important benefits, such as providing a platform for monitoring KPIs and helping businesses narrow in on their strengths and weaknesses.

The ability to track trends and performance is fundamental to operational success. However, business leaders need to remember that gaining visibility through data is only useful when leaders know what to do with that data. At Enlighten, we advocate a 360-clear view approach to operations by providing the right tools for the dynamic, immediate and accurate reporting required for leaders to assess performance metrics and act to improve business outcomes. The right technology and software cannot be ignored when it comes to delivering performance metrics for organisations and understanding how they can fit holistically within business operations is crucial.

Customer engagement and customer satisfaction

Given the pressing need for businesses to be in tune with customer demands, business leaders need to know what customers want and prioritise the methods to ensure complete customer satisfaction. It’s no secret that customers are requiring quicker and more efficient ways of transacting in every aspect of their lives, and businesses can capitalise on that demand with the right software. Along with other, new technology enablers, the right AI capability in an organisation can enable a smooth customer experience and engagement and better problem solving.

Organisations that have the right operational software integrated into their business model will be better placed to proactively manage customer enquiries. To do this, businesses need to keep abreast of engagement visibility metrics which will assist in delivering an optimal customer engagement experience.

At Enlighten, we have our finger on the pulse with all the latest technology advancements that have the potential to drive positive organisational results, and we predict AI will evolve to deliver many more benefits for businesses in future. While we continue to engage the right AI features for our platform to deliver the best outcomes for users, business leaders shouldn’t forget to take a step back to assess how the combination of embedded technologies and know-how are their operations’ own intelligence weapons in the pursuit of operational excellence.