A strong spirit enables people to make positive choices that facilitate success. When we have plenty of positive energy, we have the reserves to choose effective ways of thinking and behaving. When drained of energy however, we often act in ways that undermine success.

Re-energising your team’s spirit begins with understanding the roles that both you, and each member of your team need to play.

Leadership and personal accountability are equally important to your ability to build and engage an energised team. Great teams are those in which every individual takes responsibility for the strength of their own spirit as well as the impact they have on the people around them.

7 steps to re-energise your team

Here are 7 essential steps to re-energise your team’s spirit:

  1. Create an inspiring vision for the future: When people fail to see the purpose in striving for what you are asking them to, they are unlikely to engage. When they see little hope in achieving success, they are likely to be drained. Therefore you need to create a clear picture of a future that people are inspired to be a part of. Share what you believe the team is capable of achieving and why.
  2. Manage culture: Create a positive environment and healthy workplace conditions in which people are able to thrive. Ensure that you, and every other member of your team, behave with respect and decency at all times. Hold yourself and others accountable for the standard of your conduct and the impact you have on the culture of the organisation.
  3. Be a strong leader: People are more likely to be energised by a leader who acts with strength and conviction. Demonstrate courage by confronting challenge with focus and optimism. Be committed and strive to achieve the ambitious goals your team aspires to achieve. Demonstrate the resilience and determination it can take to achieve your organisation’s vision over time.
  4. Coach your team: As leaders we have the opportunity to help people to grow and learn, and ultimately influence their ability to be successful. Provide the coaching and mentoring that people require to feel energised and aspirational
  5. Influence a strong sense of personal value: Our sense of personal value reflects how we feel about ourselves, as well as how we believe other people feel about us. These emotions play a significant role in either energising or draining our spirit. For example, feeling valued, capable and respected energises most people. When we feel disrespected, undervalued or uncertain, our spirit is most likely to be drained of vital energy. Provide regular praise, reward and recognition to build the self worth people need to thrive.
  6. Influence healthy relationships: The people you interact with at work each day can significantly energise or drain you. Choose carefully the people you invite to join your team, and take action to address conflicts that arise.
  7. Have fun and enjoy: Having fun at work energises the moment and also contributes to team rapport and camaraderie. Liking what we do also matters quite significantly–put simply, if we don’t like our job it is likely to drain our spirit.  Guide and support people to align their careers with their passions and sense of purpose.