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A long-term focus is a prerequisite for success

While short-term thinking can produce fast and visible results, it doesn’t guarantee long-term success.

3 reasons why having a long term focus is a prerequisite for success article image

Forward planning has always been considered a failsafe way to avoid complications. Setting goals with the intention of a quick fix, without first identifying objectives for the future, can lead to misdirection and that dreaded ‘where are we going?’ feeling.

With the pace of change in today’s society accelerating at a rapid rate, leaders need to play the long game in order to succeed. Envisaging a bold future and doing everything necessary to make it happen ensures you don’t just succumb to the change, rather, you are part of shaping the future.

Here are 3 reasons why having a long-term focus is a prerequisite for success:

1. Allows you to view your business strategically, not just tactically

Every successful enterprise starts out with a clear, structured plan. Unlike tactical decisions–which are short-term and narrowly focused–embracing a long-term outlook for your business allows you to consider the bigger picture and make calculated plans. Strategic planning is integral to successful business operations and involves goal setting.

When setting goals, a long-term focus allows you to plan and have a realistic understanding of what’s involved before going down a certain path. Strategic thinking ensures that each established objective benefits your business in the future. Reviewing and meeting these goals enables you to measure your progress strategically.

2. Channel the small milestones towards long-term objectives

While embracing a long-term focus is highly beneficial to both personal and business operations, having large scale plans hanging over your head can be overwhelming and difficult to maintain. Creating smaller tasks that are built to help you reach your long-term goals and engage in something new will take the stress and intimidation out of the situation. Smaller milestones also give you the opportunity to prioritise your tasks, document your successes and celebrate small wins. Being able to see your progress will motivate you to continue moving forward, while celebrating each small victory will keep you feeling positive about achieving your goals. Smaller, more engaging tasks are the perfect catalyst to help you reach your strategic, long-term vision for the future.

3. Be at the forefront of innovation in your industry

Having the big picture in mind enables you to foresee any potential complications or uncertainties, which is crucial to keeping your goals relevant in a constantly evolving marketplace.  Being able to anticipate the future and staying innovative can help you identify what possibilities exist now, while preparing you for trends that are likely to emerge.

This ability to recognise and forecast opportunities that may lie ahead is vital if you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors. However, these ventures may be emerging around you, so observe your own environment as often as you look to the future—take the initiative to be involved in something up-and-coming now so that you’re not left behind. It’s also important to never lose sight of your long-term focus because maintaining a clear vision, having a structured plan, and being prepared for potential complications can only be achieved with an in-depth outlook of the whole picture.

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