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Aligning vision and values with productivity and growth

Simon Sinek states: “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it”. How can leaders manage culture during today’s relentless pace of innovation?

Aligning vision and values with productivity and growth

During times of rapid growth, managing the complexities of coordination and people matters can be time-consuming and dangerous distractions at a time when charging full steam ahead is instinctive.

Vinomofo, Adelaide-based online wine retailer has grown to 350,000 customers in 5 years with a clear vision — to cut through the elitist language of wine, believing it should be approachable by all. Pledging to help educate you by bringing you the best wine deals, delivered with a 100% happiness guarantee. This model and approach has seen its popularity grow to dizzying heights, while never compromising their customer service. This begins with their culture — “Keep it real, do some good and have some fun” — ultimately flowing through to their customer experience.

Ensuring that vision and values remain consistent through the zig and zag of day-to-day operations is the true challenge.

How can leaders ensure stability during times of rapid change?


Simplicity trumps complexity, never more so than in times of change. Being clear on the overall vision, and communicating it succinctly, is an essential part of the growth trajectory.


During the hecticness and pressures of growing operations, vision and values remain constant. Consistent review and reminder of the common vision is crucial to ensure the pace doesn’t dilute the mission.

Customer focus

As Sinek also says, employees must love a company before customers will. Core values and clearly articulating your desired culture are key to the foundation of staff morale, optimal performance, loyalty and productivity. Ultimately, great employee morale will result in desire to serve your customers well.


Instil a culture of accountability and recruit relentlessly with this requirement in mind. Counterintuitive though it may seem, releasing those that aren’t on your ‘vision bus’ is crucial to adhering to your vision and values. Individuals not aligning to the overall vision can be damaging to productivity — doing more harm than good.

Communication and constant review

The default when ‘battening down the hatches’ is to power through. Stopping to review and communicate, daily if necessary, is critical to ensure everyone is aligned on tasks and overall goals.

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