Females and males differ in every way imaginable. And in the corporate world, they play by their own set of rules and speak in their own language. Historically, men are the hunters and women the homemakers. Obviously, times have changed, but the inherent male and female traits remain the same: men are goal-oriented and receive great satisfaction out of conquering situations, and women take pride in the construction of their work and the whole process of getting a job done, not just the result.

The gender contrast makes communication between the sexes difficult, especially in business.

Knowing that these differences exist, how can a man connect with a woman (and vice versa) and yield results? How do both parties learn the rules of the other sex’s game and use them to become master connectors? Here are the foundations for examining this age-old issue.

Tips for women approaching men

From birth, men are trained to measure their value on their achievements and, as a result, they’re particularly sensitive to criticism and failure. Women must connect with men in a way that acknowledges their position and respects their level of power, not presenting themselves as a challenge or a threat.

In line with their goal-oriented nature, men are concerned about the bottom line. In business, the first question they’ll ask is, “What will this cost me, and what return will I see on this?” This is their primary focus, and women need to be prepared to answer with exact figures and time lines.

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