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For your reading list: We review 3 intriguing business books

New Power, Unicorn Tears and truth. growth. repeat each look at the transformation of business in the globalised, connected, data-centric twenty-first century.

CEO reading list: New Power; Unicorn Tears; and truth. growth. repeat

A round-up of three of the best new-release business books tackling the topics of start-ups, corporate culture and power.

Truth. growth. repeat. a business manual for generation why

By Mike Edmonds with Ronnie Duncan

Cynicism towards business is common in the twenty-first century consumer, who has been exposed to numerous corporate misdeeds – tax evasion, data theft and mistreatment of customers.

So how can the idealistic, passionate business owners make their case? In truth. growth. Repeat., Edmonds explains how authenticity and purpose can help any business thrive.

The book is written for the new generation of business owners who reject conventional corporate culture and let their pure motivations shine through, and it reveals how deeply customers value a transparent, open company.

Whether you’re an established small business owner, or just about to venture into business, this book is a must.

Truth. growth. repeat. a business manual for generation why
Truth. growth. repeat. a business manual for generation why.


Unicorn Tears: Why startups fail and how to avoid it

By Jamie Pride

In recent years, start-ups have been the hot new thing; everyone wants to be the next Uber or Airbnb. But the sad reality is that 92% of start-ups fail in the first three years, with some entrepreneurial hopefuls leaving business entirely.

In Unicorn Tears, Pride (a venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur with 20 years’ experience behind him) lays out what lets those select few start-ups prosper.

As well as looking at global case studies, Pride draws on his own triumphs and defeats, and lays out the ‘Hollywood Method’, based on Hollywood’s own strategy for making successful movies.

Unicorn Tears: Why startups fail and how to avoid it
Unicorn Tears: Why startups fail and how to avoid it


New Power

By Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms

We live in an increasingly connected, globalised world. Movements like #MeToo or the alt-right, corporations like Facebook or Uber – the explosion of these ideas demonstrate the changing nature of power.

No longer static, power is now chaotic and mutable, and ordinary citizens may find themselves in power one day, and then lose it the next.

In New Power, Heimans and Timms explain how to understand this strange new world, and the place of each person in it. Most importantly, they reveal that this new power is created by the many, not the few, and is leading to a participatory, open global society.

We take a look back at one of the all-time business classics, In Search of Excellence, and examine how its legacy has lasted over the decades.

New Power
New Power

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