As Simon Sinek, expert in management and leadership says, “When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.”

In today’s business world many of your staff are Millennials AKA Generation Y. There’s much discussion around Gen-Y as individuals, friends, offspring and employees. They are described as the generation of ‘instant gratification’, who are great communicators, ambitious, technology-savvy and creative. They believe there’s no limit to what they can achieve so, as an organisation, the difficulty is in managing these expectations without stifling creativity and development.

Just as we engage with diverse target audiences in different ways, business owners and leaders need to engage with Gen-Y in different ways to motivate and inspire them.

The 4 best ways to inspire staff:

  1. Set clear, achievable goals

    Being the ambitious individuals that they are, Generation-Y love a challenge. Set realistic, but ambitious goals and expectations, and see them rise to them. Millennials love to succeed, so small accomplishments along the pathway to major goals will provide them with the motivation they need to move to the next level.

  2. Mentor them

    A combination of helicopter parents and the fact they’re used to everything being instant means they need consistent feedback. Once a project or task is completed they will expect almost immediate feedback. They require this direction and response to validate their efforts and understanding. Ultimately this is beneficial to you as the employer because it’s a way to continuously improve their skills and abilities.

  3. Promote and exercise team unity

    Generation Y are naturally team players. They are social creatures who love the feeling of belonging and often will identify more strongly with their team rather than the overall business. Their team at work is their source of support both socially and professionally.  Enhancing their sense of team and feeling of inclusion will make them happy and productive employees.

  4. Incorporate technology in the workplace

    Use Gen-Y’s tech/web skills to your advantage by employing up-to-date technology. Whether it’s an internal communication tool, a new platform that enhances their ability to complete tasks, or video-conferencing technology to allow freedom and mobility, it will provide them with the opportunity to exercise their tech-savvy minds. In addition, ask them for their input. Realistically, they will most likely be at the forefront when it comes to all things tech, so take advantage of this knowledge and give them the opportunity to add value. In turn, this feeds their need to be recognised and be successful.