Reaching and interacting with your target audience has never been more important. With marketplaces crammed with competitors, it’s becoming crucial to stand out from the crowd and make yourself known to the right people. Including a company blog on your website can facilitate communication between your business and its desired audience. Blogs also play a central role in business development.

Although blogging may seem relatively easy, regularity is crucial, and it’s important to keep a consistent voice and a focused message.

For a business of any size, investing the time and effort into maintaining a blog is more than worthwhile.

Here are four reasons why a business should add a blogging platform to their website if they haven’t already done so:

1. Allows and encourages audiences to communicate with you

Blogging facilitates direct communication with your audience and stimulates conversation by encouraging your audience to comment and have an opinion on the topic at hand. A simple way to promote discourse is to ask your readers thought provoking questions within the blog post, or by having a comments and feedback section at the end of the blog. Being able to respond to readers’ comments allows you to develop a relationship and a solid rapport, and also gain valuable insights into what your audience values.

2. Illustrates the personality of the business

A blog platform gives your company and team the ability to illustrate their personalities so your readers can gain a better feel for who they are engaging with. Demonstrating that your business has a personal side makes it more approachable and easily relatable. Blogging can also clearly and authentically portray your business’ values, vision and ethics.

3. Offers advice, guidance, and assistance

By sharing helpful advice through blog posts, your company’s staff members are positioned as experts and thought leaders in their particular field. Helping people to understand, and educating others, creates a lasting relationship that is built on trust.

Providing consistent and reliable advice also ensures that your audience keeps coming back for more, and hopefully looks forward to the next instalment of what you have to offer. Additionally, if your readers find your blog posts helpful, they are likely to share it across numerous social media channels. This boosts the amount of people seeing the article, and increases your company’s visibility.

4. Helps drive the right traffic to your website

Blogging helps to boost your website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) by generating more opportunities to include keywords. Naturally, the more blog posts you have, the more opportunities you have to reach your desired audience, and the more traffic is driven to your business’s website.

If your content is tailored to your target reader, your blog will appear in the web searches they conduct. In order to create tailored content, you need to identify the words and phrases that will explain what you offer and match them with what your target market is looking for when conducting searches. Not every blog needs to be constructed for SEO purposes, but it helps to be aware of the opportunities it creates and how to take advantage of it.