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Entrepreneurial experts share their number one tip for CEOs

Video excerpts from a recent roundtable of experts provide answers to some of the most pressing questions concerning CEOs today.

Picture a scenario where a CEO is grappling with a pressing challenge, then gains immediate access to the invaluable insights of entrepreneurial experts spanning various industries, all poised to tackle the issue head-on.

This reality is not a mere fantasy; it’s the essence of The Stable by Elevation Barn.

This consultancy stands as a beacon, delivering the collective expertise of diverse action leaders dedicated to addressing specific challenges – be they ambiguous, urgent or existential – confronting today’s business and philanthropic leaders.

Embark on a brief video journey to witness examples of entrepreneurial risk and the profound lessons they imparted to our esteemed roundtable of international experts from the Elevation Barn community. Experience firsthand how The Stable team is primed to bring unparalleled capabilities to the table, ensuring swift and effective resolutions to the challenges that matter most to CEOs like you.


Neil Thomas, Director and Founder of Atelier One, which has been described as “the most innovative engineering practice in the United Kingdom” and covers high-level research and implementation for materials in an enormous scale and variety of projects.

Simon Pestridge, a former amateur athlete, who is also a leader with 25 years of experience driving complex turnarounds, building brand equity and innovating consumer-engagement models to grow business value and return for shareholders.

Drew Himel, the Founder and CEO of Fireside Digital, which he has run for the past 16 years, working with companies like the Los Angeles Chargers, MUD/WTR and Home Depot, helping on digital strategy.

Natalia Vega-Berry, the Founder of New Zero World, a strategic United Nations Advisor. Vega-Berry is a global leader in Climate Communications with 25-plus years of experience in creative development and production of content and campaigns to influence culture and drive positive change.

Alexandra Smart, a highly respected and creative business leader, strategist, entrepreneur and consultant with over 30 years of experience in hyper-competitive industries. She has been involved in several startups, the most well-known being her fashion and accessories brand GINGER + SMART. She sold the business in 2022 and is now a partner in an Executive Coaching business and is also a Founder of a climate tech startup, exploring ways to turn food waste into bio fiber.

If you have questions or would like to contact The Stable, email [email protected]

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