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Aleo Solar: Power to change the world

Solar panel manufacturer Aleo Solar strikes a fine balance, bringing new efficient energy technology to market while upholding its reputation for quality.


Future-focused Aleo Solar is as concerned about sustainability as it is about leading the way in developing new technology to deliver solar power to anyone looking to make a positive impact on the world.

Perfection is a priority for Aleo Solar as it strives to produce products that last a lifetime and never require follow up customer service. Highly automated manufacturing is used to assemble solar panels composed of high-efficiency monocrystalline photovoltaic cells with precision.

Aleo Solar’s CEO is William Chen, who stepped into the role in March this year, after serving as the CSO for two years. He says he is always on the search for bright young engineers who are keen to make a difference working in a company that is driven by its innovation agenda.

William Chen on changes he has rolled out since taking on the CEO role

“Within the organisation, our team members were working towards KPIs and really focused on each KPI, but I changed our style of working. I encourage all team members to step back to understand all aspects of their job, as well as the industry as a whole. I spend a lot of time explaining our future within the industry and future developments. A deeper understanding allows the team to work with more strategic direction and think about their career development within the industry. I think that is very important.”

Growing the solar panel product range to meet customer demand

William says, “Aleo develops a product we call the balcony module. It is a smaller module that you can set up on your balcony and use to enjoy solar power. This is a product we developed to target the entry level customer. These customers will often live in apartments, but they also want to experience solar power at a very low cost. We’re really trying to introduce more and more customers and have them experience and understand how good solar power is, how much they can save on their bills, and how important it is for our environment and for our future. We are continuously developing new products according the varying demands of our market.”

At the forefront of new technology

“At Aleo, we are always looking for next generation technology, but it’s important that we are not just looking at it on the research level. We are always looking at how we can produce it and maintain our reputation for products of exceptional quality. We strive to always be first in producing new technology with proof that the product is reliable,” says William.

Aleo Solar GmbH key facts

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