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Becker Pumps Australia: Top of the pumps

Becker Pumps Australia is an industry leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps and accessories, boasting quality products, a great workplace culture and a promising future.

Becker was founded in Germany in 1885. Over the years the company has built up a reputation for quality vacuum pumps, compressors and pneumatic systems.

For the past 15 years, James Stewart, owner of Becker Pumps Australia, alongside his father-in-law Phil Giles, has been building up the brand down under. The company supplies pumps and suctions systems for the packaging, printing, plastics, woodworking and medical industries, and has recently branched into dental suction.

James says that Becker is widely recognised in the industry for producing quality machinery and adapting quickly and successfully to changes in the marketplace. He adds, “We are part way through the implementation of a quality control system which will enable us to market ourselves with certain accreditations. This will assure all of our customers that we adhere to the strictest and most robust manufacturing standards.”

The company is also renowned for its expertise and customer service. “Research and development is ongoing as we endeavour to be innovative and provide the best technical support possible for the customer. We are looking into ways to improve and leverage the customer experience by automating communication and interaction,” explains James.

“We are in the business of solving people’s problems and no two enquiries are ever the same. It pleases me to know that we are making a difference with our input.”

3 essentials for a positive workplace culture

“I’m already the leader of a great team, but it’s a never-ending process to keep employee motivation levels high and ensure staff feel that their work is meaningful,” says James. Here he details his strategy for creating a positive workplace culture.

  • Buy-in is key
    You want your staff to have input in the company’s values and employees need to understand how their goals at work tie into the organisational goals. Just telling people doesn’t work – you have to encourage their input so they have a sense of achievement.
  • Keep communication lines open
    Addressing every issue that arises at the earliest possible opportunity stops an issue from developing into something toxic to the workplace environment.

    When decisions need to be made they are made swiftly and without remorse. And if an employee goes the extra mile – make sure they know it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

  • Sell the positives
    Change can be hard, so it’s really all about selling the positives – enabling people to see that expanding their knowledge or responsibilities empowers them and builds trust among the team.

A promising future

The future is promising for Becker Australia but James knows there are always going to be hurdles along the way. That’s why he has a detailed business plan in place, and has brought in trusted advisors to ensure the company stays on the right path.

“The dental project is key to future revenue prospects but at the same time we need to continue nurturing and maintaining our core business. As we grow so to the demand for all the Becker products should grow.

“Becker Germany support us in many ways but we must never rest on our laurels and continue to improve and build on market share in this region.”

Becker Pumps key facts

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