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Boodles: Still ‘as British as strawberries and cream’

Perfectionism is at the heart of the Boodles business. With unique designs, flawless jewels and exceptional service, Boodles seeks to impress.


Boodles has spent two centuries delighting its high profile clients with some of the world’s most beautifully crafted jewellery. Exquisite designs, exclusive shopping experiences, and incomparable quality are all hallmarks of the family-owned and -operated business, which has its flagship shop on London’s iconic Bond Street.

Fine jeweller achieving excellence in design, craftsmanship, and service

With fans like Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, and Emma Watson, Boodles’ reputation relies on truly exceptional customer service, which adds something of remarkable value to the lives of those who own a Boodles piece.

Boodles’ expert team of gemstone buyers, led by sixth generation Jody Wainwright, sources the world’s finest stones. So, as well as receiving an exceptional jewel that won’t be found anywhere else, clients can expect honesty, integrity, and a personalised shopping experience. Clients are always welcome to bring Boodles jewellery back for a thorough check or ultrasonic clean, which is all part of the Boodles service.

“Our first designer, Rebecca Hawkins, is director of design now and she’s been with us for twenty-six years. We moved from being a vendor of other peoples’ jewellery, what we call in Britain a ‘county jeweller’, to a design house. We have four designers and we design and make every single piece we sell.” says Managing Director Michael Wainwright.

Some Boodles designs are so valuable and unique they have been added to museum collections.

“The Raindance ring is in the Victoria & Albert Museum permanent jewellery collection in London, which is quite an achievement of our design credential. It is there as an outstanding example of British diamond set designer jewellery,” Michael says.

Michael says the future of Boodles will include expansion, but strategy is focused on improving what the company already does well.

“We’re still doing more in London,” says Michael. “I believe it is much easier to expand a business underneath your own eyes rather than having to go on an airplane halfway around the world. We know London, there’s still more juice to extract here. Why not do that and get the business really really solid in our own country and then look overseas?”

The Boodles extended family

Michael and his brother, Nicholas, are fifth generation owners of the proud family business. Working with Boodles since 1984, Michael is looking to preserve the value of the company for future generations, as his father did before him. His children are already expressing an interest in working for Boodles in the not too distant future.

“We’re absolutely passionate about recruiting the right people who are going to buy into our family culture — we’re like one big happy family,” Michael says.

Once staff are introduced to the family business, they are ‘Boodlised’, which means they receive a great deal of training in the perfectionism that epitomises the Boodles brand, as well as the collections and how Boodles provides such a high level of customer service.

“I think spend on training is more important than any other spend, including marketing. There’s no point in having the best brand in the world if customers come into your shop, and are disappointed with the customer service, and the customer service is absolutely central to what Boodles stands for.”

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