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Gurit: Serving global growth markets

Gurit has been transforming and adapting in the changing composites industry. Backed by a strong wind energy market, now is its time to shine.


Gurit is a global supplier of composite materials, engineering services, tooling equipment, and select parts and systems that has overcome a few setbacks to emerge as a leader in the composite industry.

Rising to challenges

Over its 30 years, the Swiss company has risen to some challenges that would intimidate even the most confident business leaders. Gurit’s CEO, Rudolf Hadorn, remains focused, noting that the company has learned a great deal along the way. “We have had to master changes in technology, we have had to deal with market volatility, and being a relatively smaller company, we’ve put in a lot of effort to obtain global reach,” he says, adding that all this has kept him “pretty busy.”

“We have been able to master these challenges and exited a very difficult period about two years ago. Continuous support from our investors and the Board, the dedication of our staff, the expertise of our colleagues in IT, and Gurit’s appetite for innovation, have really driven us in the right direction. Now we know we are doing the right things, I think that is pivotal for us,” says Rudolf.

Pushing forward in the advanced composites industry

Looking forward, Rudolf is confident of Gurit’s growth in several key areas: wind energy, marine, aerospace, and automotive. To achieve this, Gurit’s strategy is to place customers at the centre of everything the business does.

Rudolf Hadorn, CEO of Gurit
Rudolf Hadorn, CEO of Gurit

Rudolf says, “We have a nice portfolio of products and services at the moment, but over the next year, we would like to surprise our customers with more innovation. There will be a focus on cost, speed, reliability, the improvement of property, and industrialisation. These are the trends that I see being prevalent in our industry and we will capitalise on them as best we can.”

Reduce, re-use & recycle

Protecting the natural environment as a priority is important to Gurit and the company is serious about its commitment to minimising its impact on the environment. Gurit’s products are important to the success of a global push towards utilising renewable sources of energy, including wind and ocean energy. The unique properties of Gurit’s lightweight and high-stability products contribute to energy efficiency, especially in transport and marine applications.

Creating these products challenges Gurit to ensure the whole process is focused on sustainability. Taking a long-term perspective, it prioritises the use of natural resources and raw materials and is proactive about minimising the consumption of resources through reduction, re-use and recycling.

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