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John Holland: Creating iconic infrastructure

At John Holland, its expertise in complex building, civil construction, rail and technical engineering is the essence of its business.

John Holland

John Holland has been transforming skylines and connecting cities and regional areas across Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia for more than six decades. The brand is known for delivering iconic and innovative infrastructure and its customers are offered total service solutions across the project lifecycle, from origination, financing and development, to design and construction, through to operations and maintenance. Its contracting and services capabilities span building, civil infrastructure, resources and industrial, energy, marine, water, wastewater and tunneling, and include rail construction, design management, systems engineering and assurance, maintenance and operations, and asset management.

CEO Glenn Palin says expertise, talent, and innovation are the core of what John Holland offers to its customers looking for complex building, civil construction, and technical engineering solutions. Developing and retaining exceptional staff is critical to maintaining the company’s reputation for success in completing large scale projects.

Offering employees a diverse and rewarding career within the company

Glenn says, “As a big company, we’re able to offer diversified careers to people by encouraging them to develop in areas that they don’t normally need in their day to day job, but that will be beneficial as part of their career development. We give them more diversity in terms of being exposed to other parts of the business and having a variety of approaches for getting a wider understanding of career expansion. We also do a lot on leadership, because it’s very important that we instill a discipline of leadership in our people that ranges right across the business. I believe that everyone has the opportunity to lead in his or her own way.”

Uncompromising safety standards

Another vision John Holland has for its staff is that each and every one of them will return home safely at the end of the day. Glenn explains that, in the construction industry, safety must always be the top priority.

“Our employees deliver outstanding things in the field. I’m forever amazed at the projects they deliver in harsh conditions, in remote areas, and other difficult conditions,” says Glenn. “We changed the way we speak about safety. Now we talk about ‘care’ because the expectation today is that we’re focusing on the wellbeing of people, not just of the safety of undertaking a work task.”

Leaving a legacy

As the company continues to expand its offerings in existing and new markets, John Holland’s projects make an investment in the communities in which they run, leaving a legacy that makes a positive contribution to the social fabric of the wider community.

“We constantly strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, in delivering our projects to the highest safety standards, enriching the communities in which we work and inspiring our people to create a brighter future.”

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