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Manifesto of Light International: Ultra-natural perfumery

In a world of increasingly competitive beauty standards, Manifesto of Light’s perfumes, skincare range and air blends encourage clients to stop and smell the roses.

Manifesto of Light International

In 1998, Deirdre Light and her partner, master perfumer Clive Newland, opened an apothecary in Noosa, which quickly became popular with travelers from overseas. Ten years later, Deirdre founded Manifesto of Light International in order to expand the reach of the duo’s vision and brand. Now, using only the purest essential oils and finest absolutes, Manifesto of Light International is poised to take its natural, high quality perfume, skincare and air blend formulations to a discerning global market.

“We are heralding a new segment in the beauty market, the ultra-natural. High frequency skincare, perfumes, and air blends that are literally calibrated to light us up from the inside out,” says Deirdre of the Manifesto of Light creations.

Luxury products ripe for expansion

At present, the company is focused on increasing awareness and sales of the company’s Rose Collection, a serum and cream containing 100% pure and natural Damask rose oils.  They are available online through Manifesto of Light’s website and via its online retail partner, I Am Natural Store. Deirdre says a lot of work goes into the process to ensure that these products are of the highest quality.

“On average it takes over 3,500 kg of petals to distil just one litre of rose oil, and a champion rose picker five hours to amass enough roses to extract a mere few drops. So every time you anoint yourself with our roses, you are literally burying your face in an ocean of richly perfumed blooms.”

The company’s first ultra-natural perfume will be released in Europe next year, and Deirdre is looking for opportunities to expand in Australia and the US. To appeal to the luxury market, Manifesto of Light works with master jewelers to house its products in beautiful, etched glass bottles.

A family business with relationships at its core

Great relationships are at the core of Manifesto of Light International, which is no surprise considering that the company is run by a couple with ‘27 years of robust marriage’ under their belt. Deirdre says that she and her husband view all of the company’s suppliers and stakeholders as family. Raising the capital to expand the business was a significant learning curve for Deirdre, but ultimately the loyal clients that the couple have collected over the years were the key to success.

“We work in an industry that is fraught with smoke and mirrors, so the trust we have built up over decades is paramount,” she says. “50% of our shareholders came from our list of long-standing clients. Everyone is included and kept abreast of developments, so they too can share the vision and feel enthusiastic,” says Deirdre, adding, “Our business is about people and we honour their contributions. When you do that, people just want to work with you. I see a whole range of creative collaborations coming out of our foundational vision, so that ML becomes a company that quite simply curates genius and celebrates beauty, transformation and light.”

A new philosophy of beauty

Deirdre doesn’t want Manifesto of Light International to be just another beauty company. She and Clive want their reverence for nature to infuse every product and service that the business provides. And Deirdre explains that she has a philosophy of beauty that she wants to share with the world.

“We live in a highly competitive world of beauty that is quite contrived. Roses are for the heart and when you honour that, all else falls way. We’re not here to fix you. You don’t need fixing. We’re here to celebrate you and help you receive who you really are. And to do that with intelligence, grace, elegance, truth and chutzpah.”

Manifesto of Light International key facts

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