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Monash Health: Care at every stage of life

Monash Health’s commitment to its values and innovation is key to providing exceptional services to the Melbourne community, from pre-birth to aged care.

Monash Health

Monash Health provides care to over a quarter of the population of Melbourne, Australia. Its 15,000 staff are there for Australians at each stage of the lifecycle; delivering more than 9,400 babies, handling hundreds of thousands of emergency presentations, right through to providing exceptional palliative care and aged residential care services.

Providing values-based care

With such an important task at hand, Monash Health is a passionately values-driven organisation. The five values of integrity, compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence are vital to its important work.

These values guide staff in their interaction with patients, their families, as well as each other. They are as important to the executive staff as they are to those providing face to face care and go a long way to creating a positive culture and achieving outstanding outcomes.

Barbara Yeoh, Monash Health Chair, was named Chair of the Year at The CEO Magazine’s annual Executive of the Year Awards 2015. She said:

“Being the Chair of Monash Health — an organisation that touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of people each year — is such a privilege.”

“It is an organisation focused on providing patient centred care — and it is committed to innovation and research that makes a real difference to the health of people in Australia and beyond.”

Serving Melbourne’s growing community

The people of Victoria have been relying on Monash Health to provide healthcare services for over 159 years. Its roots can be traced back to the Melbourne Benevolent Asylum, established right back in 1850 to care for the ill and destitute.

Since the 1850s, Melbourne’s community has grown and diversified. People using Monash Health services have come to Australia from 180 different countries and speak 100 languages. Monash Health celebrates its multicultural community, which is reflected in its staff as well as its patients. Park believes consultation with consumers, carers, and the community plays a significant role in the improvement of its health services.

Focus on research and innovation

Monash Health is committed to its state-of-the-art research facilities and the strong relationships it has through its partner institution, Monash University.

In terms of new infrastructure, Monash Health has been busy planning and establishing the Monash Children’s Hospital; a new heart hospital; award-winning mental health facilities at the Dandenong campus; a new emergency department; a new tower block at the Casey Hospital; and a new aged-care and rehabilitation centre at the Kingston Centre.

Despite these achievements, Monash Health has managed to maintain the budget. It sees innovation as the key to delivering greater capacity for care and value for the taxpayer. Monash Health remains one of the highest performers in the state, ensuring it has the majority of its patients through emergency departments within four hours.

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