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MTAA Super: In perpetual motion

Reinventing itself with a focus on strengthening its community of members, MTAA Super, the superannuation fund for Australia’s motor trades industry has a vibrant new look.

MTAA Super

After facing some challenging times triggered by the global financial crisis, a new leader took the wheel at MTAA Super, Australia’s only superannuation fund for the motor trades industry. CEO Leeanne Turner was intent on rebuilding both the integrity and the investment performance of the fund, while revitalising the company from the inside out.

Refocused and rebranded

“We set about doing quite a bit to revitalise the fund and refine our investment strategy. With a new Board and management  team we put in place an improved governance structure heightened the focus on risk management and undertook reviews of all of our policies and procedures,” recalls Leeanne. More recently, there’s been a change in Fund Administrator and the brand has undergone a complete overhaul, addressing the automotive audience head on with a colourful and confident visual framework, newly refurbished offices and information that is customer oriented and creates a sense of community.

Strategy built around core values and objectives

MTAA Super’s strategic plan is built around its core integrity, inspiration, community and entrepreneurial spirit; and its three key objectives of growth, products and services, and brand. “We have a vision to be the most inspiring superannuation fund in Australia, which is a pretty exciting sort of vision. Not too many will have a vision out there like that and it’s great because it means we can challenge everything we do,” Leeanne says, explaining that this opens up opportunities for doing things better. “We don’t have to think inside the box, Leeanne explains. “It doesn’t matter what your role is in the organisation, you have the freedom to be able to think creatively and innovatively.”

Superannuation managed by people working hard to ‘do things better’

With its energetic new look and renewed strategic focus, the team at MTAA Super — one of its foundational strengths — is really starting to shine. “I am  really proud of the team,” says Leeanne. “We are an industry fund, so everything we do is only for the benefit of our members.  That is understood by  everyone  at MTAA Super, from the Board and throughout the organisation. Culturally that’s terrific.”

Leeanne believes that the success of MTAA Super is driven by having a culture where people are passionate about looking for new ways to benefit the fund and its members. Leeanne admits that she relies on her team and service providers to maintain a work ethic as strong as her own. “We all spend a lot of time working  these days. They talk about work–life balance, but I think it’s more about work–life integration, because I am not sure there is a balance anymore in this age of technology. We need to get the integration right  and it really helps when  you work with a great team of people.

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