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Munich Airport: The ‘most beautiful airport in Europe’

Forget the airport frustrations you’ve experienced in the past, Munich Airport’s five-star facilities make your visit a special part of the journey.

Munich Airport

The first thing that might strike you as something different when you enter Munich Airport is its aesthetic appeal. CEO Michael Kerkloh boasts that “it is the most beautiful airport in Europe. Or at least, one of the most beautiful large airports in the world.” And that’s no happy accident. Michael says it is a priority to keep the airport beautiful; it helps to create the pleasant travel experience passengers are seeking and that Munich Airport strives to deliver.

Exceeding entertainment expectations

As well as the architecturally designed airport itself, there is an assortment of permanently installed artworks selected from Munich Airport’s regular exhibitions, which add to the urban landscape of the airport. You will find the shops and the terminal itself is very Munich-oriented. So you know that you are in Munich when you’re passing through,” Michael says.

Not only a visual feast, there are 50 distinct and multicultural restaurants and bars within the airport, including an onsite brewery, quick and inexpensive meal options and fine dining experiences. Once refreshed, visitors can enjoy the world class shopping, or try something new. There are surfing and polo events, a car showroom, a mini golf course, and even more for the children. Kids are able to run wild in the aviation themed playgrounds, participate in arts and crafts, or get on board the ‘adventure plane’ featuring ball pits, video games and a cinema. Of course, there are also hotels and sleeping pods for those who are in need of some rest and relaxation.

It is just a very good airport — it has so many great things,” says Michael. “We want to be singular, we want to be unique and everything you see here is unique. - Michael Kerkloh, CEO of Munich Airport

Skytrax’s ‘Best Airport in Europe’

“It is just a very good airport — it has so many great things,” says Michael. “We want to be singular, we want to be unique and everything you see here is unique.”

Munich Airport’s effort to stand out has been acknowledged with a host of awards. This year, it was named as Skytrax Institute’s ‘Best Airport in Europe’ for the ninth time in 11 years and third best airport in the world. Last year, Munich Airport was awarded its five star status. Michael says it’s been a rewarding experience to challenge his staff to be the best, over and over again. “These awards come with a high degree of service quality from all staff. They make you you feel well when you are here.  We want everything to be as hassle free as possible.”

The new Satellite Terminal

Earlier this year the spacious and cosmopolitan hub airport, run by Flughafen München GmbH (FMG), entered a new chapter of growth when it opened the brand new Satellite Terminal, which is connected to the main terminal via a fully-automated, driverless transportation system. Michael said:

“Our biggest expansion project in the past 14 years was implemented as a joint venture under our strategic partnership with Lufthansa, and was successfully completed on schedule and within the budget. We’re very proud of that achievement.”

Munich Airport key facts

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