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Oji Fibre Solutions: Packing a punch

Where some might see the pulp, paper and packaging industry under threat, Oji Fibre Solutions has seized new opportunities with sustainable packaging solutions.

New Zealand and Australia based pulp, paper and packaging manufacturer Oji Fibre Solutions was born from the sale of Carter Holt Harvey Pulp, Paper and Packaging (CHH) to Japanese companies Oji Holdings and the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ) in 2014. The joint venture has highlighted a strong synergy between Oji Holdings and Oji Fibre Solutions. With Oji Holdings being one of the five largest pulp and paper manufacturers in the world, Oji Fibre Solutions has benefited from having a parent company that understands its business and is keen to invest and grow the business throughout Australia and New Zealand.

A positive step forward in Asia­–Pacific

Oji Fibre Solutions’ CEO, Dr Jon Ryder, has been in the role since 2012. He’s been focused on exploring the advantages of this synergy as well as access to long term strategic thinking, strong leadership and technical expertise, which has accelerated progress in the areas of environment, health and safety and customer relationships.

Dr Jon Ryder, CEO of OJI Fibre Solutions.

Keeping pace with the digital compression of the pulp and paper industry

As well as internal changes, Oji Fibre Solutions has been able to keep pace with a changing industry. “The use of digital gadgets, such as iPads and smartphones, has significantly changed the paper world,” says Jon. “I call it digital compression of the pulp and paper industry — we are not communicating on paper with print and writing as much as we were 10 years ago. In some ways, a lot of people look at our industry — manufacturing pulp from wood and creating paper products from pulp — as being under threat. It is absolutely the converse, the demand for our products is actually growing in the pulp world.”

The demand for tissue papers and packaging substrates is being fueled by globalization and the increasing popularity of online shopping. “More people are using the internet and making purchases online; however, the products they are buying probably don’t originate from their home country. Therefore, the product has to get to the purchaser and it has to get to them in a good, workable condition. For this to happen, it needs appropriate packaging.”

Sustainable and profitable solutions

One thing that hasn’t changed for Oji Fibre Solutions is its unwavering focus on the customer and the environment in the delivery of its innovative products and services. “Many customers around the world are not only focusing on their carbon footprint,” Jon says. “While carbon emissions are still very important, people are now concerned about wider environmental and sustainability issues. Radiata pine forests in New Zealand hold sustainability certifications and are regulated under national legislation providing a great, sustainable option for us.”

The central North Island of New Zealand is home to the Southern Hemisphere’s largest radiata pine plantations, which produce certified environmentally sustainable raw material. Oji Fibre Solutions uses this radiata pine, which is well suited to packaging papers and particularly important for the packaging of prime produce such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables as well as other products that require strong robust packaging solutions.

“We are focused on the the environment and making sure that we are not only cost competitive, but also that we deliver a service solution and develop the customer relationship,” says Jon. “We need to be making sure we have a future with sustainable assets that are profitable.”

Oji Fibre Solutions key facts

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