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Stealth Global Industries: No overnight success

Stealth Global Industries has gone from strength to strength across four continents thanks to CEO Mike Arnold’s years of experience and strategic vision.

Stealth Global Industries

Stealth Global Industries is a global supply company with a strong online and offline presence holding investments, strategic partnerships and operations tactically positioned across Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Africa and China. Later this year, it will forge ahead with plans for further geographical expansion as it opens another office in the United Arab Emirates.

Experience counts

This global outlook and the success Stealth Global Industries has achieved in a relatively short period of time is a result of the insightful patience and hard earned experience of CEO, Mike Arnold. With three decades of experience in third party logistics, Mike was able to apply his skills and familiarity with the industry to help Stealth surge ahead after establishing the business in 2014. “I had learned a lot about a whole range of challenges and situations on the job. When I came to build and grow Stealth, it was really about taking the learning from those prior experiences and applying them — knowing how to go to market and knowing where to position ourselves,” says Mike.

Growing online and offline

“A new challenge is the evolution and significant growth of the e-commerce space. People want to buy online. So I have really taken the Stealth business to a point where it is growing online as well as offline.” Thanks to Mike’s keen eye for opportunity, Stealth has been able to take advantage of worldwide digital disruption to offer Stealth’s customers a range of options for doing business. “Our offering is really tailored and customer-centric. We give customers the option to buy a single product or multiple products through various sales channels but at the same time they can get a one-stop-shop solution.”

Technology a central requirement for growth

“We see the advantage of multichannel selling, combining face-to-face contact with the convenience of the online system. It means repeated sales can be done online. We are embracing technology because we see it as a central requirement of our growth,” Mike says. “We have a global vision and an international strategy. E-commerce is an essential requirement of that.”

Tailored product distribution and supply chain solutions

Specialising in product distribution and supply chain solutions, Stealth provides a single point of contact for businesses to take advantage of its increased purchasing power across the strategic network, offering customers access to more than 300,000 products on its system.

Stealth’s core range of products is geared towards the safety, healthcare and industrial markets, and Mike is particularly focused on brands with a reputation that has been tried and tested. “We have aligned ourselves with companies that are known for quality products, that are price competitive and have good service and support.” This approach allows Stealth to take its key products into new markets and customers, giving them with increased value. He says, “Attracting the calibre of partnerships that we have been able to establish takes time and trust, but we’ve seen success in creating value for them and for us.”

Stealth Global Industries key facts

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