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Viatek goes the extra mile

From regional Australia to its capital cities, Viatek Group streamlines print, telephony, and technology services for businesses, offering 24-hour support.


Born from a strong relationship with Fuji Xerox that dates back almost 30 years, Viatek Group is an independent services-based organisation supporting businesses with an offering of tailored business solutions in print, telephony and all aspects of IT.

Connected to regional Australia

Operating from over 20 regional and metropolitan locations in Australia, Viatek is able to provide 24-hour support to its clients, wherever they are. CEO Michael Doery says Viatek’s regional focus is something he feels passionately about. “We have provided meaningful employment to people in regional centres so that they have the same opportunities you would find in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. Gaining a good understanding of Australia’s regional centres has really been a career highlight,” he says.

“We’re finding that, with the evolution of universities and TAFE colleges in regional Australia, we are able to employ well qualified, experienced people in regional areas and we’re able to do that at a lower cost base because of our infrastructure costs and our travelling costs. All those things are much lower in regional Australia.”

Culture built on delivering great customer service

While there are challenges for a company with a regional focus — Viatek has 400 people working from 21 offices across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria — isolation is something Michael’s staff have overcome through a commitment to providing clients with exceptional customer service.

Michael Doery, CEO	of Viatek
Michael Doery, CEO of Viatek

“I spend so much of my time on the road, seeing people and making sure we have one Viatek culture. It brings our people together, be it regionally or in the capital cities. It’s a culture where you get the same service out of Dubbo that you would out of Melbourne.

“When you are dealing in providing services to customers, they don’t care about our company structure and they don’t necessarily care about the actual individual they’re dealing with. They want to know they are dealing with Viatek. So we instill in our business a culture where every person in our organisation owns the challenge that the client is coming to us with.”

A single point of contact

A united front is one of Viatek’s greatest assets. It adds value to its client businesses by presenting a single point of contact for service enquiries and technical support and allows them to get on with business with the right technology.

We are developing some exciting, low cost delivery business solutions for customers.

Michael says, “Having just one business contact who can look after all your technology needs means there is someone who understands you and understands the interdependencies between various pieces of the network. So if there is a software upgrade to the multifunction device or to your scanning technology, it won’t have the undesired consequences of bringing down the whole system, or causing great grief within your other systems because we have kept records and plans as to what your technology is all about. There are certainly some cost efficiencies; one bill means your company has just one person to negotiate with, you get good pricing, and because it’s only one bill, the administration changes dramatically.”

Offering hybrid solutions

“We are developing some exciting, low cost delivery business solutions for customers,” says Michael and through its partnerships with global leaders — such as Fuji Xerox, Shoretel, Telstra, HP, Citrix, Microsoft, NetSuite and SAP — Viatek is able to supply its clients with some of the best products and innovative technology on the market.

“Someone like Viatek is able to provide a nice mix of servicing some local hardware on your own premises, your own server, us hosting some processes and applications, and using third parties like Amazon. We’re able to provide a good hybrid solution to our customers and that’s really important,” says Michael.

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