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Zehnder Group: A breath of fresh air

The Zehnder Group is passionate about optimising the indoors; heating, cooling, and keeping the air healthy using as little energy as possible.

Zehnder Systems

The Zehnder family first went into business way back in 1895. A testament to their entrepreneurial spirit, Jakob Zehnder and his seven sons first made Zehnder a household name with their light motorbike, which proved a popular and cost effective transport option in Switzerland during the 1920s.

In the 1930s, the Zehnder name became famous again, this time for inventing Europe’s first steel tubed radiator; a product which paved the way for the success of the modern Zehnder Group, a global company providing solutions for creating a comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient indoor climate.

A vision to provide more than a comfortable indoor space

The Zehnder Group has established itself as a global leader since it first made its entrance into the heating industry more than 70 years ago. Chairman of the Group Executive Committee, and CEO of Sales Nordic for the Zehnder Group, href=”/business/dominik-berchtold/”>Dominik Berchtold says that the company’s vision is not just about making a difference to the way people live, but making a difference to people’s lives.

“We strive to improve the quality of life by providing the finest indoor climate solutions,” he says.

We spend more than 70% of our lives indoors. The quality of indoor climate has a tremendous impact on our wellbeing and our health — our quality of life.

Leaders in the heating industry

The Zehnder product range has something to offer everyone; from new builds to renovations, private homes to commercial and industrial premises. “We have the most comprehensive offering to provide a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient indoor climate, especially in residential applications,” Dominick says. “We can manage the quality of the air, influence factors like C02 levels, minimise airborne dust and odours, and optimise humidity levels.”
As well as perfecting the indoor atmosphere, Zehnder is also concerned about the wider environment and preserving the planet’s natural resources. “We manage temperature mainly with water-based systems, which are far more efficient and comfortable than any air conditioning systems,” says Dominik.

Beautiful design meets intelligence and innovation

Zehnder has been collaborating with exceptional designers and artists for more than half a century and built a reputation for nurturing these creative partnerships. As a result, the Zehnder Group has amassed an impressive collection of design awards since it won its first in 1969.

The company’s new polymer heating system, Zmart, is a game changer in the heating industry. Dominik says, “It is a radiator with a number of unique benefits. By using polymer instead of steel, we reduce the weight by more than 40% and the ecological footprint is reduced by up to 60%. The reduced weight is important for installers and logistics. The Zmart has a new concept for connecting to the existing piping system of a building, which reduces the time and complexity for planning and installation. This also reduces the variety of stock required by wholesalers. Furthermore, the polymer register is resistant to any corrosion. For our customers, the Zmart has a timeless design — we just won the Red Dot ‘Best-of-the-Best’ award.”

The products offered by Zehnder are recognised not only for their style, but also their innovative functionality, which is achieved by bringing together an interdisciplinary ‘think tank’ of designers, product developers, and brand experts to oversee the entire product development process, from the market and product analysis and technical specification to the first designs and production.

Zehnder Group key facts

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