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Zinzino: Finding balance

Staff at Swedish healthcare brand Zinzino are putting their minds and their hearts into helping customers achieve better health.


For everyone at Sweden-based Zinzino, the mission is ‘to aspire to inspire health and wealth in a positive manner for customers and friends’. For CEO Dag Pettersen, that’s about achieving balance while achieving growth. Last year, Zinzio grew 24 per cent on the year before.

“We want everything in order, in our minds and our hearts, so the customer feels good when they are coming to Zinzino,” he says.

Thinking strategically

Together with a customer-centric philosophy, direct sales approach, and an attitude that change and improvement go hand in hand, Dag says he has been able to keep up with Zinzino’s rapid growth by keeping all staff focused on the strategic plan.

For this year, opening new markets is the first point. The second point is developing new products; we have launched one new product and we are launching two more. I am trying to build up the culture around our strategy points. So everybody knows what the strategy is, what the action plan is, and we are just working every day to accomplish that strategy.

Zinzino’s strategy is focused on increasing its global reach and developing new products. Three years ago, Zinzino launched in the US and earlier this year, it moved into Germany. Dag says this is a great start, but his sights are set on setting up a presence in each country within the European Union.

The Zinzino Balance Initiative

While Zinzino was focused on retailing health products, these days it puts a great deal of energy into research and development, which has led to the company’s highly successful partnership with Bioactive Foods of Norway, to produce Balance Initiative. Designed to test and adjust the ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 for optimal health and wellbeing, Zinzino’s Balance Test is a home sample collection kit which customers send back, and a certified laboratory analyses the sample and provides results.

Once the ratio is established, Zinzino is able to help customers adjust their dietary intake of omega-3 and -6 and offer a range of complementary products, such as oils and capsules, to help them achieve their recommended levels.

In-house research and development producing breakthrough health products

Dag is particularly proud of the headway Zinzino has made in product development over the past 5 years. “We have established this from the ground up, with product managers and scientists, and we have our own labs where we are testing new products,” he says.

“Our latest innovation is an oil of essential fatty acids derived from fish, which is mixed into water and tastes like lemon. There isn’t any fishy aftertaste at all. That is the next big thing for us; it’s a great breakthrough and we are very proud of it.”

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